Escape to Winvian

Couples spa at Winvian. A relaxing oasis!

The hustle and bustle of everyday life is never a joy in anyones eyes. Let’s face it, we all need a break away at some point. Connecticut’s Litchfield Hills offer that tranquility and a quick escape, in fact we are only a two-hour drive from the city, which is convient for many who need a quick weekend breather. We have an array of unique New England Inn’s to offer, all with their own style and variety. One in particular will have you head over toe and completely in touch with the Litchfield Hills!

Winvian in Morris is a break away from ordinary. I had the opportunity to take a ride out to Morris and explore the property for myself, and what a joy it was. This place pays very close attention to detail! Winvian offers you an escape to the country and has all the comforts of home. Though this isn’t your ordinary home. Winvian has made their own signature on the land bringing in a rustic New England feel to the place. If this place doesn’t scream Litchfield Hills, then I don’t know what does. What is most unusual about Winvian is that instead of one house hosting everyone, there is an array of cottages, in all shapes and sizes, each one with their own character inside. Discover cottages like the greenhouse, which literally look like a greenhouse! Maybe you’re in the mood to relive the kid in you. Winvian has that retreat too, just ask for the treehouse!

Treehouse Cottage at Winvian

My tour of the property led me to so many amazing places. I discovered everything from its rustic New England lobby, to its incredible spa facilities which almost made me want to step right up and ask for one myself. I toured the property with Win Smith, who is the grandson of Win and Vivian Smith, for whom the property is named after. Winvian was actually once a family farm where Win would love to escape the pressures of New York City life. Win was a founding partner of Merill Lynch as well as a respected leader on Wall Street. From the sounds of it, this man definitely needed to escape to the Litchfield Hills. Winvian to this day still holds it’s farming legacy. Food is grown on the property at a small garden behind the main home. Don’t be surprised if you’re sitting on the patio waiting for your dinner and you see the chef coming to pick your food, this is the true meaning of farm to table if I do say so myself. Fresh and in season is the way to go!If your looking for great food, Winvian is more than happy to serve you, just be sure to make reservations as Winvian is all about private dining, further promoting their tranquil atmosphere, and with fresh food from the garden, why wouldn’t you want to make reservations?

At Winvian, you can feel free to be yourself and become one with your natural surroundings. The pressures of everyday life are all but a vivid memory as you unwind in Connecticut’s Litchfield Hills. Experience true privacy right from the moment you drive in. Winvian is a gated resort, but they don’t want that to make you turn away! They want you to enjoy the privacy that they offer. Winvian is surrounded by Whites Woods, a popular site for nature lovers offering everything from hiking trails to fishing and boating. The cottages at Winvian will also give you a privacy feeling as cottages are very much separated and offer you some great unspoiled views of the property. It is privacy such as this that makes Winvian such a popular destination for those looking to simply get away from it all.

 There is an important point to remember about Winvian, however. Though it may seem like this vast exclusive resort, it isn’t. The important lesson learned is that we should never judge a book by its cover. Winvian is local and they love giving back to the local community just as much as city slickers love escaping to our Litchfield Hills. This idyllic northwestern Connecticut really has something to offer up, and they would love to share it with you. Wether you’re looking to enjoy a quiet weekend tucked away here in the hills, or you’re looking to enjoy the splendor of nature and enjoy complimentary activities such as Kayaking, Horseshoes, Hiking, snowshoeing or biking, this resort is the perfect escape to bring you miles away from ordinary.

Beaver Lodge Bedroom

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