Sweet deal from Candy Bouquet


Candy Bouquet

I can’t even begin to tell you how attracted I am to something sweet. Sugar is by far an incredible weakness for me. With its eye appealing packaging and its lucious taste, it’s no wonder why we are so attracted to this stuff! Tara Lindberg-Stevens of Candy Bouquet here in Torrington is marketing for that exact appeal. Since we all can’t seem to cut the addiction, we might as well enjoy the sweeter things in life. I did a story during the summer on Tara while she was a vendor at Main Street Marketplace in downtown Torrington. She had an undeniable amount of success down there and many asked her where her store was located. To their surprise, Tara didn’t own a store at the time, which is exactly what triggered her recent events. Tara will now be opening up a Candy Bouquet at 274 East Main Street in Torrington. If you get a chance, stop by and check on her progress, you’ll definitely want to keep in the know about this store opening up. It’s packed to the brim with sweetness and will sure to be a delight for the whole family.

Tara has long been a follower of mine on Facebook, in fact, I believe she was among the firsts! Recently, I had a contest going on my Facebook Fan Page for the blog offering up a $25 Gift Card to Brazen Betties in downtown Torrington, which would be given to the 300th fan. Sure enough, just the other day the 300th fan came along and off went the contest! Tara then decided to offer up an amazing sweet deal I just couldn’t help but to pass up, she wanted a part in my contests. How could I deny Tara, I’m all for making our communities sweeter places to be as it is, and so is Tara and her very successful Candy Bouquet business. Tara’s sweet deal is not for me, rather for all of you! She is willing to give away a free candy bouquet to the 400th fan of  “In touch…with the Litchfield Hills” on Facebook. These candy bouquets not only make for a great afternoon delight, they also make for great gifts! They come in an array of shapes, sizes, and styles and are suited perfectly just for you.

This is definitely one sweet deal you just can’t help not to pass up!

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