Bailey McMillan Artisan Perfumes

The autumn season has just about ended here in Litchfield county and we all know what that means, the holidays are right around the corner. It’s a special time of year, a time to spend with family and friends as we exchange gifts with one another as a way of saying thank-you for all they do throughout the year. With so many gift options out there, as well as advertisements constantly in our faces, it is still important to support those independent small businesses of ours who work tirelessly to make our communities a better place to live and work.  One local business is doing just that, and they are making the world a bit more brighter in their own unique way. Meet Melanie McMillan, a local artisan who owns Bailey McMillan Artisan Perfumes. These perfumes are anything but ordinary, they are extraordinary! The core mission of Bailey McMillan Artisan Perfumes is to create all natural products in very small batches to ensure the highest of quality as well as for the products to bring joy to those who use them.

Melanie is as extraordinary as her perfumes. A former seminary student, Melanie considers this her true calling and is incredibly passionate about what she does, in fact she puts her heart and soul into it. She creates a variety of products, all ranging in price from $8-$150. This years fall-winter collection is the most extensive ever. Products like Aromatheraphy room sprays are available and come in two scents: a combination of lavender and bergamot, or you could try a seasonal favorite of cloves, cinnamon, pine, orange, and myrrh. Not only do these room sprays smell as good as they sound, but they also offer many antibacterial properties as well, surely helping matters during the cold and flu season. Another product offered is a perfume oil, which is packaged in a bronze, roll on bottle. It features the all-natural scents of blood orange, Boronia, vanilla and sandalwood. It is sure to make a great gift this holiday season, especially for those interested in the rare and hard to find.

If you are ever in doubt that the local scene doesn’t have that much to offer, the answer to correct you is right under your nose. Bailey McMillan is a Litchfield county resident and based right here in Torrington. She has a nose for this stuff but a passion to share it with you as the essence of the spirit is in all of the companies perfumes and aromatheraphy products, and once you discover these fantastic products, you too will have that same passion to share it as well.