Escape the everyday

Autumn foliage at Dennis Hill

Have you been searching for a unique place where you can go and just unwind without the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the real world? We have a variety of those locations across the Litchfield Hills but one in particular stands out from the crowd. Dennis Hill, located in Norfolk, is a quick escape, and a short drive to it’s 1,627 foot summit will have you head over toe as you take in the gorgeous views. On a clear day, you can see up to three states, including New Hampshire. A popular site that you can see is Mt. Greylock in nearby Massachusetts, but again this is only on an incredibly clear day.

On the summit, you will find a pavilion, which was actually once a summer residence of Dr. Frederick Shepard Dennis who was a very popular New York surgeon who gave this site to the state of Connecticut back in 1935. The 240 acres of the park are a popular site for hikers as an array of trails will give you some unique photo opportunities. I have had the pleasure to escape to Dennis Hill on numerous occasions and it is often a place I use to just escape the everyday and get lost in my thoughts and believe me, it really works!

Once you’ve  escaped the everyday and have decided that you had plenty of time to think, you might want to stop in town and have something fresh to eat. Infinity Bistro is just the place and a short drive from Dennis Hill. Located in the famed Infinity Hall, a popular music hall in the region, this bistro is ready to serve up on the best and is committed to serving you as much of the local flavor as possible by using local farms for its foods where possible. Not only does Infinity do a great job of serving you only the best foods from the area, but they also give you a rather unique experience as you step back to the Victorian era with its wood floors and natural colors that surround you. You can’t go wrong with this place! It’s the talk of the region and a popular tourist destination, not to mention it is just the thing to compliment your escape to Dennis Hill.

Summit Pavillion on Dennis Hill.

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