Changing of the seasons

Macedonia Brook State Park. Kent,CT

Without a doubt, fall is out as we change gears here in Litchfield county and get ready for a very long winter, as every winter is here in the hills. This autumn season has been, without a doubt, spectacular. It started out early but as it does every year, the foliage really entertained not only the locals, but all of our tourists as well. Leaf peepers from all over the world came to the area to enjoy the sights, as well as supporting many of the local businesses. As a local leaf peeper myself, I enjoyed the array of photography I was able to capture throughout the season, which many of you had the pleasure of viewing on here as well as on my Facebook page and Facebook fan page. I was able to capture a variety of photography from places such as Kent Falls state park in Kent as well as some pretty great shots from Burr Pond in Torrington and many other places across the hills in between.

Though it has been a fantastic autumn season here in Litchfield county, I for one am excited to see what the winter season will bring. As a skier, I enjoy living close to the local resorts such as Mohawk Mountain in Cornwall to Ski Sundown in New Hartford. At a moments notice, I am able to hop in my car and arrive at these places in less than a half hour. Though winter is much more than just skiing here in Litchfield county. I’ve learned last winter that when it snows, it snows, and the landscape is transformed to a pristine blanket of white that will make anyones heart melt as the snow-covered hills seem to shine away. Some may argue that winter is nothing but a hassle as the roads become snow-covered and often times hard to travel, however I feel that you need to look at things in a different perspective and take the time out to enjoy the surroundings that are offered to us, and the winter season here in the Litchfield Hills surely reminds us that we need to do just that.

Cornwall covered bridge. Winter 2009-2010. Cornwall,CT

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  1. I’m adding your blog rss feed so that I can see your new posts. Keep up the good work!


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