Wind power in Litchfield County

Wind energy in Searsburg,VT

The subject of wind power has been raised recently as reported in the award-winning newspaper of The Litchfield County Times. A wind turbine plan has been pitched for a mountain ridge in Cannan, just behind Lone Oak Campsites. The ridge is 1,350 feet above sea level, which is prime real estate for a wind turbine. We have many locations across the Litchfield Hills that offers this kind of real estate opportunity as many ridges and peaks tower above 1,000 feet, which makes Litchfield County an attractive area for this kind of green energy. When you look at the subject of wind power, it is really no surprise either. The Litchfield County times reports that the highest wind resources are here in Litchfield County on the tops of ridges, which makes sense since Litchfield County is also home to Connecticut’s highest elevations.

Our neighbors to the north in The Berkshires are no strangers to wind power. All across Berkshire County,MA there sits an array of wind turbines on the tops of ridges and mountain peaks, which is visible in and around the area of Mount Greylock state reservation. Vermont, a state that does not welcome change, is no stranger to wind power either. They have their own wind turbine plant in Searsburg just off of Route 8 which borders the Green Mountain National Forest. Closer to home, Torrington also has its own wind turbine at the Klug Hill Farm, which is from Optiwind and a completely different looking wind turbine than those that are traditionally built.

When we take a look and explore the bigger picture here, wind energy is a huge win for Litchfield County. Not only will we be harnessing the power of wind from our peaks, but we will also make Litchfield County an attractive place for those interested in going green. This can create a whole new avenue for us in Litchfield County, an avenue with positive results as we become the leaders in a greener world. Think about it. If we were to pave the way for wind power, we would open ourselves up to many new possibilities as we work to create a different kind of economy in Litchfield County, one that is greener and will work to, not only promote our landscape, but also to ensure that our countryside is a clean, healthy place for future generations as we work to help eliminate the need for fossil fuels in our environment.

Wind turbines are planned for this location in Cannan, just behind Lone Oak Campsites.

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  1. Dean Griffith says:

    I support the idea of installing wind turbines in Litchfield county, but I also believe that some people would see it as a detriment to the beautiful landscapes we enjoy so much. If they were to offset the skyrocketing electricy costs we face, I think it would be easier on residents to accept that a little intrusion pays off considerably overall.


  2. Denise Olivero says:

    I support the idea of installing wind turbines in Litchfield County…it will lower energy costs and could actually look good against our beautiful landscape. As a county and as a nation we need to find other options for energy…expecially the natural options.


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