New England charm is found in Riverton

The Riverton General Store has something for everyone and welcomes you with warm hospitality.

If you are looking for a charming New England village, you do not have to travel far at all.  Our Litchfield Hills region is chock full of quaint New England villages that will remind you of an era that has gone by. One in particular welcomes you to the Litchfield Hills in open arms. The historic village of Riverton, located in the town of Barkhamsted, is just the place to begin your journey here in the hills.  It is nestled along the banks of the Farmington River where you can catch some splendid views, or even catch a fish or two.  As you stroll through town, you will not find much in the way of anything really mainstream. This place is mom and pop all the way.  An old-fashioned general store welcomes you to town as they charm you with that good old down home hospitality. It is a place where you can step into to warm up from the cold with a great cup of coffee, or just stop in to have a conversation about Riverton. Either way, this should be your first stop in town as you get ready to explore all that this New England village has to offer, which is actually a lot more than what is seen from the eye. Riverton is well-known throughout the land for a very famous factory that sits on the edge of the Farmington River. The Hitchcock Chair Company Store is a reminder of the towns historic past. They began manufacturing chairs here back in 1826. It wasn’t until 1928, however, that they moved on to other home furnishings such as cabinets, which made the town famous all across America. 

As you stroll though town, you’ll notice that it is much more than just chairs today. Hitchcock has since left the village of Riverton but the building still stands today as it stands in the view of The Old Riverton Inn, which was voted number one in Fine Dining and Most Romantic in the 2010 Register Citizen Readers Choice Awards and is also the featured photo for this column as displayed above. Can you believe that this place has been around since 1796?  To this day, it is still ready to welcome you for a good nights rest as well as some great comfort food.

You just can’t help but to love Riverton. This village has heart. It is one of those places that you don’t ever want to walk away from as you frolic from town to river and all points in between. Riverton is the perfect place to catch up with old friends as you reminisce on days gone by as you get caught up in the towns historic charm. I can’t seem to think of a better place to begin a day out here in Connecticut’s Litchfield Hills.

Riverton. The Gateway to Connecticut's Litchfield Hills!
Hitchcock Chair Company on the banks of The Farmington River.


The Riverton Congregational Church.

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1 thought on “New England charm is found in Riverton”

  1. Just thought you might want to know that The Hitchcock Chair Company is back in business. My partner, Gray Hath, and I purchased the trademarks and all other intellectual property in March of 2010. We have been working slowly over the past year to bring the company up to speed. New furniture is available now. Interested customers may contact us via e-mail through our website – http://www.hitchcockchair.com – or by calling 860-738-9958.


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