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Thoughts from the field: Why I started


Mike Valletta
As I travel across the Litchfield Hills region and get to talking to some of the folks, I am often asked one very common question; why did I start this whole venture? There were, of course, a variety of factors which prompted me to begin this blog, but one thing in particular got me started; the need to tell others about our hidden gems. I work on the Connecticut shoreline and commute from the Torrington area four days a week for my job in the corporate world. It came as a surprise to me as to how many people had no clue of what was actually in this part of the state. From our mountains, dirt roads, even to our laid back lifestyle, people really didn’t think that a little bit of Vermont existed in Connecticut. The Litchfield Hills region is, without a doubt, Connecticut’s last frontier. There is so much here to explore that once it is explored, it’s loved, and it is my job here to show the world everything that we have to offer, which is more than meets the eye.


The Litchfield Hills region is my home, and for the most part, I would hope that it would be my home for many years to come. With so many unique attractions such as the covered bridge in Cornwall, to towering mountain views from Mohawk Mountain,and to art deco architecture in historic downtown Torrington, there really is a lot that has yet to be explored by the general public. For the most part, that is great since we really don’t want too much to change in this part of Connecticut. We enjoy this region for a reason, because so much has remained the same, and many places are undeveloped as the Litchfield Hills region is one big sprawling countryside.

Through my many adventures, I get to know a lot of folks who came here in search of the simple life as many are transplants from urban areas. Some have become unemployed from the failing economy and found their niches here as they hung onto their talent and started their own businesses. Many have said that the biggest reason they transplanted here was because of the easy-going, carefree lifestyle that is offered up. To me, that is quite a cool thing as I am able to tell their stories, and believe me, many of them really have some amazing stories to tell!

While many enjoy the life that Litchfield county offers today, many also say that one day we too will get caught up with the modern world, which is why we must enjoy everything that is here today.  There is a whole region to explore that I invite you to check out. “Thoughts from the field” is the newest category to be added to the blog as they are thoughts from me while working out in the field. I’m not in the middle of my story, I’ve only just begun.

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