Country dining in Kent

Fife'n Drum is a countryside delight!

The sounds of Litchfield county come from many melodies. Sometimes, if you are lucky enough, you can hear them all in one place. Fife’n Drum restaurant in Kent is without a doubt one of those places. As the fireplace cracks, the piano starts to sing a tune as a room filled with laughter comes together to enjoy the sights and sounds of an excellent dining experience. With its buccolic New England atmosphere, Fife’n Drum is irresistable! From the moment you walk in, you are graciously welcomed to this charming little place by hosts that will delight you and make your time at Fife’n Drum memorable. Not only are the hosts a delight, but so are its guests. Kent is small town America at it’s finest, and as such you will notice how the hosts know many of their guests by name. It is this kind of experience that keep their guests coming back for more.

The small town America feel isn’t the only thing keeping these guests coming back, however. The food is just as irresistable. I was touring the Kent area recently working on an upcoming story and was told from the folks in the neighborhood that I simply had to try the food at Fife’n Drum, and once I did, I will admit, I was hooked! Having only a small appetite coming off of a rather large lunch, I decided to try a small house salad along with a personal pan pizza. I wasn’t expecting it to be the greatest thing in the house but once the food came to my table, I had discovered that my thoughts were wrong. It seems that no matter how large or small your order is, your food will indeed match the experience of Fife’n Drum in every way. No order is too small, and attention to details are most definitely in the works here.

Before I left, I indeed needed to refuel myself with a great cup of coffee to venture through the country back roads back home to Torrington. As I was enjoying my coffee, the piano started to play as guests directed their attention to maestro, Dolph Traymon, who is indeed extraordinarily talented. Every note was hit in perfect harmony. It was at that very moment that I was glad to have made the stop into Fife’n Drum, which is a short twenty-minute trip from Torrington, but one with many picturesque views all leading up to this stunning countryside restaurant.


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