Light Up the season in Thomaston

Light Up Thomaston

The last weekend in November has certainly been one to remember. So many Litchfield county towns kicked off the holiday season by lighting up their communities and celebrating with residents and tourists alike. One event in particular was one that has been ongoing for the past six years and has been done without any town monies and is done mainly by a small group of volunteers who put their heart and soul into getting things done just right so that many can relish in the joy of the season. Light Up Thomaston is an annual event not to miss out on. The event takes place every year on the first Saturday after Thanksgiving, and this year was no different as hundreds flock to historic downtown Thomaston, which is well-known for its clock making history largely in thanks to Seth Thomas who manufactured clocks here starting in 1813.

Once you make your way onto Main Street, you’ll find yourself with plenty of company as many gather around to watch the parade as Mr. and Mrs. Clause lead the way as the lights on the buildings along Main Street light up one by one as the parade passes through. From the Seth Thomas clock factory to the Thomaston Opera house, almost every building twinkles as Thomaston watches in awe as the joy of the holiday season begins to take shape. It is this kind of winter wonderland scene that sets Thomaston apart from its Litchfield county neighbors. Though parades and lighting up buildings aren’t the only thing that kicks off the season in Thomaston, so too will the holiday ride on the Naugatuck Railroad, riding for free on a horse and wagon, and enjoying free hot apple cider and hot chocolate as you stroll the town shopping the local merchants as their windows are decorated from top to bottom for the holidays.

Make no mistake, this event happens all but once a year. However, you can still take in this winter wonderland yourself all month-long as you too can stroll the town and take in the magic of the season as Thomaston shines brightly under the crisp Litchfield Hills sky, because the magic doesn’t just happen one day out of the year, it happens everyday of the year, and in this bucolic New England getaway town of Thomaston, you can truly experience the nostalgic Christmas season like no other.

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