Santa Claus is coming to town

Growing up, December was always one of my favorite months out of the year. There was always an over abundance of joy in the air as we decked the halls top to bottom in our home for the holidays. I can’t recall a single square inch of that place that wasn’t decorated. With oversized Christmas trees in one corner of the house that lit up the room so brightly at night, it was hard not to imagine you were at the North Pole. Caroler’s adorned our house, as well as an array of garland, bows, and tinsel too. The scent of pine and cinnamon ran through the house, as well as all of the wholesome home cooked meals. It was a magical place that lit up my world and triggered my imagination to run wild, after all, what parent wouldn’t want their children to get lost in their imaginations? That is what the beauty of childhood is all about!

Besides our home looking like the North Pole at Christmas time, one thing I really looked forward to, more than anything, was the annual visit with Santa Claus. My oh my, I will never forget the way I felt inside when I saw that jolly old man in the big red suit, smiling ear to ear and his face all rosy red. It was a special time to have a little one on one with old St. Nick himself, as I secretly told him what exactly I was looking for under my tree on Christmas day. I’ll never forget the chuckles I got from him along with a little gift from the elves. 

All of this childhood magic was the December I have come to know and love today. Memories are created during childhood, and I am glad to have so many fond memories of this wonderful time of year growing up. Though I haven’t seen Santa in quite a few years, sources close to him have told me to stay away from the malls, because Santa is coming to Connecticut’s Litchfield Hills, and he will have a photographer traveling with him as well. The photographer this year is Kimberly Fazzino of Fazzino Photography in Torrington. She will be embarking on a magnificent journey around Torrington with him as he travels from Riebman’s, on December 4th from 10AM-4PM, to Candy Bouquet, on December 11th from 10AM-4PM. Santa certainly has come up with a great way to come on out and support our local businesses here in the community.

Kimberly will be offering all kinds of great pictures you and your family will have to reflect on for years to come, from key chains to 5×7’s and framed 5×7’s. You simply can’t go wrong when you have this woman as Santa’s right hand gal, who’s love for photography is triggered by her creative imagination, which my guess was triggered by her month of December as a child as well.

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