Winter magic in the hills

A winter wonderland takes shape in Washington Depot.

As a skier, I simply cannot help the fact that I am in love with the winter season. While most people sit at home with the winter blues, I am out enjoying all that the season has to offer on the slopes of the local resorts. Winter is truly an amazing season when you look at it from a skiers perspective, which is no wonder why that this mornings snowfall here in the Litchfield Hills really got my adrenaline ready for the season. On Monday, December 6th 2010, a general 2-4 inches fell across central and southern portions of Litchfield county as lake effect snow bands impacted the region overnight. One Litchfield county town, Washington Depot, received the jackpot coming in with a total of 4 inches by 6AM.

Hearing these reports, it was time for me to hit the road and start exploring the newly found winter wonderland that was taking shape across Litchfield county. Setting off on Route 202 from Torrington, I passed by many plows that were hard at work to keep those of us traveling in the hills safe from any possible accidents. Tuning into 97.3 WZBG, I was already hearing reports of a very slow go downstate, as well as how much snow had dropped in southern Litchfield county. Passing through Litchfield, it was a very quaint scene as the newly fallen snow had served as a perfect backdrop for the Christmas greenery and red bows that adorned the lampposts on the green. Litchfield has always been a very beautiful setting in the winter months, as its historic village looks like something out of a Norman Rockwell painting.

Boulders Inn

Continuing on my journey, I decided to see for myself just how much snow had fallen on Washington Depot overnight, and once I arrived, I saw for myself that this town was indeed the Litchfield county winter wonderland of the day. With four inches of snow, Washington Depot glistened as a gentle snow was still falling on the town covering the large pine trees that made the landscape come alive, as well as a babbling river that was covered with snow as it created a very calming sound in this picturesque setting. Washington Depot certainly has a lot to offer as far as natural settings go, which is why I also decided to travel to the Boulders Inn on Lake Waramaug. Boulders is certainly a very bucolic New England getaway, even more so during the winter. This fantastic getaway overlooks Lake Waramaug and the hills that surround it, and with the newly fallen snow, the Inn’s magic comes alive as it awaits it’s next visitors who are looking for a romantic Litchfield Hills escape.

In Connecticut’s Litchfield Hills, we have come accustomed to winter as well as the amount of snow it dumps on the region thanks to our higher elevations.Though this mornings snowfall wasn’t dramatic, it was certainly enough to remind us of what is coming in the weeks and months ahead. At times, winter may be quite the headache as it creates traffic trouble for many of us, however when you live in Litchfield county, it is important to stop and enjoy the scenery, and once you do you will certainly discover that the traffic you are sitting in isn’t so bad after all.

The Cornwall covered bridge is a calming winter scene.

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