Skip the mall, shop Torrington

While shopping at the mall is always a holiday season tradition, shopping local is one as well and is often viewed as under the radar by many. There are so many great places right here in our own backyards, that many people tend to overlook these hidden gems and head for the mega malls of today. In Litchfield county, there aren’t any mega malls, rather smaller shopping centers, specifically in the Torrington area. We are truly the shopping mecca of Litchfield county with great places like Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, K-Mart, Hallmark, and JCPenney. All of these great places are surprisingly right here in our own backyards, which means you won’t have to fight the crowds at the malls, rather stay in town and shop away!

While these places are great, as well as close by, Torrington also offers up some classic “mom and pop” shopping that helps keep the money right here in the community. As we work hard at revitalizing the community that we live in, this is an incredibly important move that we should greatly consider. Places like Brazen Betties, Remember When, Toy Jam, and Candy Bouquet work hard everyday to help keep our town running. These are our neighbors, and during the holiday season, we should remember these fine folks who serve our community in more ways than one. Recently, you didn’t even need to head out to the mall to see Santa as he visited Candy Bouquet and Reibmans, and pictures were proudly taken by Fazzino Photography of Torrington.

Torrington's Christmas House is a tradition for many.

After a fun night out of shopping on the town, you can really live the Christmas spirit as you visit Torrington’s Christmas House, right on Main Street, or The Christmas Village. The Christmas House is an amazing place that is filled, wall to wall, with Christmas cheer. You can’t help but miss it from the road as the Christmas lights overpower the entire block. It is, without a doubt, an incredible sight to see. Just down the street, you can bring the kids out to see Santa and all his reindeer as you enjoy Christmas Village. Christmas Village is a community tradition and folks from all over Connecticut, and perhaps the region, come to check out this replica of the North Pole. After a visit with Santa, and getting a small gift before Christmas, the children will be delighted as they visit with Mrs. Clause and the elves, not to mention all of the reindeer too.

Yes, it may seem that Torrington may not have a lot to offer, given our generally rural location, however once you discover Torrington, you’ll see for yourself that there is way more here than meets the eye. We might not be a big city. We might not have the fancy attractions of today. We most certainly, however, are fortunate enough to be doing things our own way as we are fortunate enough to have many creative minds here to keep moving us forward, and that is something to not only be proud of, but also give more of a reason to skip the mall, and shop local.

Torrington's Christmas Village

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