Discover Christmas Village

Christmas Village is a family tradition for everyone in the region.

While so many of us have lost touch with the true magic of the holiday season, others continue to embrace it. The youth of our world today are certainly the ones that have become captivated by its essence, and that spirit can be seen so vividly at Torrington‘s Christmas Village. Christmas Village is a magical place, filled with wonder and excitement as families from all walks of life take time to visit with Santa and all of his helpers, including his reindeer’s. It is indeed one of the many gems that the Litchfield Hills of Connecticut has to offer.

The smile of a child’s face is certainly the true magic of the season for any parent, and at Torrington’s Christmas Village, your child will be gleaming ear to ear as they confide their Christmas wish list with Santa Claus himself. It is also here where you will be able to take a step back as you reflect on the vivid memories of when you were a child  and remember what it was like to wake up on Christmas day and discover all that was left under the Christmas tree. Christmas Village certainly brings back many memories for folks as it has been a family tradition around these parts for many years. Every year hundreds, if not thousands, venture their way to Connecticut’s Litchfield Hills to take the time out of their busy everyday lives and come to, not only unwind, but enjoy quality time with their family during the holiday season.

Once you arrive at Christmas Village, you’ll find yourself with plenty of company. There is often a line, sometimes nearly an hour-long, waiting to see a little bit of the North Pole right here in Connecticut. The line is filled with so many happy children who often enjoy a cup of hot chocolate as they wait by the fire that is lit with care, thanks to the wonderful people of Torrington who help to put it all together. The amount of people who are allowed inside at a time is minimal, giving children enough time to talk with Santa, though once your inside, you will have completely felt as though you have made your way into a Christmas paradise. You can’t help but to notice how the buildings brick structure is covered with Christmas cheer. Gift boxes, candy canes, ribbons, bows, and garland, all make this place feel a bit more special, though what really put this place all together is that magical visit with Santa himself. Walk into a room and see a jolly old man in a red suit with children on his lap as he sits by the fireplace and hands out gifts. It is here where the most memories are made.

The elves at Christmas Village are always hard at work.

After a visit with Santa, you’ll be able to tour this Christmas wonder and visit, not only Mrs. Clause, but also all the elves as well. Watch in excitement as they put together all of the toys for Christmas day. Not only that, but you’ll also hear the sounds of a train as a model train roams its way around by the ceiling. A truly inspiring place, even for those of us who aren’t elves, though something even more inspiring, and perhaps saving the best for last, is a visit with Santa’s reindeer. This certainly completes the night as you not only visit them, but feed them reindeer feed as well.

Yes, Christmas Village is a place that is an inspiration to all of us, and brings back so many wonderful memories of perhaps so long ago. It is a place that brings families together, and is also a place where many can rekindle those lost feelings as they feel the joy that the Christmas season brings as their children become delighted by all that they see.

To learn more, visit Christmas Village on Torrington’s website.


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