Wayback comes to town

The Crunchy Peppercorn Burger

Torrington has recently welcomed a new restaurant, Jakes Wayback Burgers, which is located in the Aldis plaza right on Route 4. It was announced a few months ago that this place was coming to town, and I for one have been following their progress ever since. They franchise their establishments and have opened up many new locations across the state over the past few weeks. Being that I am a single guy, I enjoy going out to eat and interacting with folks around town, so it should come as no surprise that I was eager to go ahead and dive right in once they were open for business.

After a short trip around Litchfield county on Monday morning, I decided to stop by Jakes for lunch once I came back into Torrington. Pulling into the parking lot, I could tell already this was going to be a popular place as it was indeed quite the crowded scene, which proved itself once I was inside and ready to order their burger of the month which I have been hearing so much about, largely in thanks to the companies Twitter account. The burger of the month is their famous Peppercorn burger which is essentially a cheeseburger with peppercorn dressing. A more unusual ingredient was also added, chips! The potato chips were packed right inside of the cheeseburger, a perfect combination. To compliment the burger, I also tried one of their famous milkshakes, and the milkshake of the month was a seasonal favorite, the eggnog milkshake, which is certainly the perfect way to treat yourself during the holiday season.

Though they haven’t celebrated a grand opening yet, which is planned for January, the place was certainly bustling with excitement as folks seemed to chow away to their heart’s content, and it’s no wonder why. The meal I had was absolutely delicious, certainly unlike anything else that we have here in the greater Torrington area. Not only is the food an absolute wonder, but so too is the establishment. Classic Americana can certainly describe this restaurant with its turn of the century like lighting and it’s chalkboard like menu boards. They encourage you to stop by and enjoy any one of their delicious meals that they cook up as you have a conversation or two with some of your neighbors. Being that we are small town, this is indeed the perfect atmosphere to enjoy a little quality time with one another as you catch up with folks from around town. After all, who wouldn’t enjoy a conversation over a very delicious meal?


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