New Year. New Ground.

The ushering in of the new year brings with it a great deal of changes. A new year, they say, is a time for new beginnings. I couldn’t agree more. I  saw a great deal success in 2010. In July, I started “In touch…with the Litchfield Hills”, a community based blog that was designed to connect the community in more ways than one as we, as a community, showcase the Litchfield Hills region off to the world. In 2010, we showcased the best in scenic vistas across Litchfield county as I took an in-depth look at places like Kent Falls, Burr Mountain, and the Twin Lakes region, just to name a few. In 2010, we also highlighted local business such as Candy Bouquet, Brazen Betties, and Winvian. I hope that you have enjoyed all of the stories that these wonderful places here in Litchfield county had to offer.

I can’t tell you what a delight it has been to travel to so many of these places and connect with all the great folks that make up the Litchfield Hills of Connecticut. In 2011, it will only get better as I take on an entirely new set of hills. The Berkshires of Massachusetts have been calling my name for quite some time as folks from all over Berkshire county have been writing in requesting that I write about some fascinating places right in their own backyards. Make no mistake, you’ll still hear plenty of fascinating stories all year-long about all the great things happening here in Litchfield county, but now you will also have the enjoyment to discover this new set of hills with me. Who knows, you may want to make a weekend getaway to some of these places!

I am thrilled to be able to bring you more stories as I travel around to many great places here in western New England. For those that know me, you know I’m not one to sit at home all day and watch television, or even spend hours on the computer. I am a traveler who spends a great deal of time out on the road. It’s one of my many passions to travel and see all of the great things that this world has to offer, including all of the great people who I meet along the way. 

I want to wish everyone a very happy & healthy start to the new year. If you have any story suggestions, wether it be here in the Litchfield Hills, or in the nearby Berkshire Hills, I would be more than happy to explore the suggestions! May we all never stop discovering the world around us!


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