A Cure for the Winter Blues

Grab the kids, and take a hike! Nothing cures the winter blues better than a winter hike.

We all get it. That infamous cabin fever that hits us during the winter as a majority of us spend a vast majority of our time indoors and away from the elements. There are those of us, however, that find ways to beat those winter blues as we make the most of what winter has brought to New England. Just because the temperature doesn’t read anywhere above sixty degrees, doesn’t mean you have to stay cooped up for a long winters nap like the bears do in our region. There is a wide variety of things to do and places to go that will help you relieve the stress that winter may bring you.

Locally, in Torrington, we are very lucky to have an overabundance of hiking trails that are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. A few months ago, I brought you to Burr Pond during the summer months, a wonderful place to go and catch the rays of the sun as you enjoy the splendor of nature, not to mention taking a dip to cool off from those hot summer days. Today, I’m bringing you back to Burr Pond. Surprisingly, it is not only a popular destination during the summer months, but it also a very popular destination for all those who enjoy winter activities. To just say you are going to take a winter hike here is an understatement. Along your hike, you’ll find plenty of people who are not only hiking, but snowshoeing and cross-country skiing as well.

For someone who is an avid hiker, I enjoy the winter hikes at Burr Pond. They are absolutely refreshing, especially for someone like me who spends a pretty fair amount of time on the road. There are many sights along the network of trails that will allow you to take some amazing photography. Small brooks can be seen from many angles as they lay snow-covered from the crisp newly fallen snow.

The network of trails aren’t the only thing drawing attention to this winter attraction, however. So too is Burr Pond, which becomes a frozen tundra during the winter and draws in a good crowd of ice fishers who are looking for that perfect catch. It’s a unique winter tradition that many folks here in the Litchfield Hills take part in as many other lakes and ponds throughout the region are dotted with ice fishers. Ice fishing is a great sport, but so too is ice skating, snowmobiling, and sledding. All of which are also done on our lakes.

Yes, winter may be one of the longest seasons here in New England, though that doesn’t mean that we can’t get out and make the best of it. There are a wide variety of activities that the whole family will enjoy, all of which can be found right here in Connecticut’s Litchfield Hills.


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  1. Winter blues can be tough, especially with the short winter days. We like to have hot chocolate parties and play games with friends to fight the blues. I am a big fan of getting outside also. Just dress for it and it can be very fun.Thanks for your suggestions.


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