Waking up at 8PM Wednesday evening after having a healthy power nap, I learned the breaking, yet disturbing news, that Geoff Fox, meteorologist from WTNH-TV in New Haven, will not have his contract renewed which is set to expire at the end of February. My initial thoughts were that this was some type of communication error. I mean how could it be? Geoff Fox is a television icon here in Connecticut. I grew up with him. We all grew up with him! After all, he has been forecasting Connecticut weather at WTNH since 1984.

Over the past couple of years, I have connected with television and radio personalities here in Connecticut. Having Geoff Fox as a friend on Facebook, I decided to head over to his page to see if he had any such announcements of this matter. When I arrived to his page, I didn’t need to search for him to tell me so. There was an overwhelming amount of supporters showing their care and concern for Geoff, as well as their displeasure towards WTNH, many who think they are now trying to clean house and bring in younger reporters.

I was not only alarmed, but also confused. Who made this decision? Who was the genius to not renew such a Connecticut icon that everyone here in Connecticut has fallen in love with over the years? I mean really? While I am hoping that WTNH decides to change their minds and abandon their decision to cut ties with Geoff, I couldn’t help but to feel at a loss for words. Geoff has done no wrong to any of his loyal viewers, let alone his colleagues. Geoff, undoubtedly, works very hard for Connecticut day in and day out. Recently, he wrote a blog post on his blog ” My Permanent Record“, stating that during the blizzard of 2010, which happened a day after Christmas, he was volunteering himself to go to work. I can’t imagine anyone who would actually want to go to work.

WTNH has made a number of changes since the start of the new year. Recently, meteorologist Matt Scott also did not have his contract renewed and has since moved on to another opportunity at WPLR radio in New Haven. While Matt was not as large of an icon as Geoff is, it was still quite the shock for all of us here in Connecticut. None of us, however, would have ever expected hearing about Geoff Fox leaving though.

I sit with the rest of Connecticut at this moment. I have to wonder who is next and what exactly is happening as local television icons seem to vanish right before our eyes. As a former business major, I do understand the principles of business, but I also understand that it is the people of the business that make it what it is, and Geoff Fox has certainly made WTNH a success story over the years.

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