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Winter Solitude

Connecticut‘s Litchfield Hills enjoyed a day out on Saturday after a general five to eighteen inches fell across Litchfield county on Friday night. The highest amounts were in southern Litchfield county around the Brookfield and New Milford areas as a Norlun Trough impacted western Connecticut. Traffic on Interstate 84 came  to a complete stand still in the Danbury area as drivers were walking away from their cars and walking off of exit ramps. Further north on Interstate 84, in Cheshire, motorists became stranded as trucks had a hard time making it up the steep incline. The day after, however, left a very calming scene in Connecticut’s Litchfield Hills.

Winchester Lake. Winchester Center,CT

Click here for the complte story from NBC Connecticut


2 thoughts on “Winter Solitude”

  1. Nice article, Mike. It was beautiful today, but last night was a nightmare. It took us five and a half hours to get home from our store, and we only live 7 miles away. Of course, we did stop for dinner and see a movie. It seemed the only sensible course of action when we couldn’t get up the hill on Route 67.


    1. Jeffrey,

      Thank-you very much! I couldn’t wait to get out of the house today and take some winter pictures. Absolutely breathtaking out there! I agree, last night was no bliss. I am glad you two made it back okay! There were many accidents on the roads.

      Mike Valletta
      In Touch…with the Litchfield Hills
      Your Source for Everything Litchfield County!


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