Calm Before the Storm; Litchfield County Braces as a Round of Winter Weather Heads North

Litchfield county braces for yet another round of winter weather as a classic Nor’easter works its way into our region later this evening, bringing with it the potential for 8-16 inches of snow. A winter storm warning is in effect for all of Litchfield county from 10PM this evening until 7PM  Wednesday.  The storm promises to deliver quite a punch to our area, just days after much of Litchfield county saw a general 5-18 inches of the white stuff.

Tonight’s storm is expected to start sometime after 10PM, though the heaviest amounts won’t arrive until after 2AM and the Wednesday morning commute, as forecasters are already looking for hazardous travel conditions to take place. Motorists are urged to exercise caution as conditions start to deteriorate. Last Friday, January 7, 2011 we all learned just how fast conditions can start to get ugly as many motorists became stranded along Interstate 84 in the Danbury and Cheshire areas, just south of the Litchfield county border.

There is an upside to all of this snow we have been receiving, however. Many have found bliss as they found themselves snapping away at photo opportunities of all the wonderful, and often times bucolic, winter scenery here in Connecticut’s Litchfield Hills. Andrea Swiedler, a realtor here in Litchfield county, recently took some pretty impressive shots in New Milford after our most recent snowfall.

Visit Andrea’s website for more information about local realty here in Litchfield county!


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