The World of Cheese


Photo Credit: Ali Camp Belly Yoga

They say cheese is a craft. It comes in many shapes, sizes, and of course scents. If you want to discover a great place to see these crafty creations, there is a wonderful little place in nearby Great Barrington,MA that will absolutely delight you. Rubiner’s Cheesemongers & Grocers is located right on Main Street in the towns hearty shopping district. Great Barrington is a tourist destination located right in the southern Berkshires. Rubiner’s is right in the spotlight of this tourist attraction and if you blink, you may miss it. From the outside, you would never tell that this place was a grocer specializing in cheese and meats. The outside very much looks like a turn of the century bank with its tall white pillars in the front and classy glass doors with gold trim. Once you step inside, however, you will discover that this is a bank for all things local.

Rubiner’s carries a wide variety of products from the surrounding area, not only from the Berkshires, but also from Connecticut and Vermont as well. This is perhaps one of the best traits about the business that keeps the locals coming back for more, and tourists coming back to see what the locals are offering. As you walk through this prestigious , yet small building, you’ll notice the wonderful variety of goods that are available. Cheeses, spices, salmon, hand-made salamis and so much more. Not only will you notice such a great selection, you will also notice the warm, friendly atmosphere that the world of cheese seems to bring about.

As a Torrington resident, I often take the short trip up to Great Barrington to indulge in this fantastic little treat. Who can’t help but to love food that is straight from the farm?  I know I can’t, and Rubiner’s is always in stock of everything that I am looking for.

Speaking of farms, Rubiner’s has this fantastic book for sale that comes with a free 1/2 pound of one of their delicious cheeses. The book is called Hay Fever and is written by Angela Miller who chased a dream on a Vermont farm after escaping the pressures of life in the big city. The book brings to light a prominent Manhattan professional who starts a small dairy farm in Vermont, all while keeping her job in New York City. Today, Angela’s cheeses are served at an array of fine restaurants throughout the region.

When you discover Rubiner’s for yourself, you’ll realize that behind the big fancy pillars and the old world architecture, this place is more than meets the eye. It is a special place that is the bank for all things local and is perhaps Great Barrington’s best kept secret.


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