Snow Day at Mohawk Mountain

I’m sure everyone across Litchfield County is just about tired of all the snow we have been seeing this winter. After all, here in the hills, we are up to our eyeballs in snow! One not only wonders where exactly we plan to put it all, but also how much more is on the way. It is only January after all, and this winter shows no mercy as more storms are in the forecast. I know, I am just the bearer of good news. I’m sure many across Litchfield County would like me to shovel them out. After all, as a skier, I am one of the many who are praying for snow!

Here in Litchfield County, this is nothing! We are used to snow! After all, northwestern Connecticut is known as the snow capital of the state, thanks to our elevations here in the Berkshire foothills.  While many cannot wait until spring arrives, others like myself are enjoying everything that mother nature throws at us, and she has thrown us many snow balls this winter as I’m sure many people are also throwing at us. This winter has been an absolute skiers paradise. We have some astounding conditions out on the slopes. Almost everyday this winter has been nothing but pure powder out there as we have had snow in our forecast, almost daily!

Recently, I decided it was time to stop playing around at the slopes out of the state and check out the ones that are right here in our own backyard. Heck, one of the many reasons I moved here was to be closer to the ski resorts! I decided to check out Mohawk Mountain, located in Cornwall. I had been here countless of times, I even worked here as a teenager. What I hadn’t done, however, was hit up the slopes of Mohawk when there was fresh powder on the ground. Nothing pumps up a skiers adrenaline rush more than when there is a healthy coating of fresh powder.

I made the short drive on Route 4 from Torrington to beautiful Cornwall, which is set amongst many rolling hills, all covered with snow. Arriving at Mohawk, I couldn’t wait to get started on my downhill action. I arrived nice and early too, around 10AM, perfect timing when there is barely anyone on the slopes. I couldn’t ask for better conditions. As the morning snow continued to gently fall, I couldn’t help but to fall in love with the picturesque beauty that lay before me as the hills of northwestern Connecticut shined ever so brightly with all the newly fallen snow. Trail conditions were out of this world as the fresh powder was also newly groomed.

Mohawk may not have all the amenities in the world that the big resorts up north have, but it certainly has its own charming character that delights families from all over the world. With its scenic vistas and hospitable staff, Mohawk is undoubtedly a ski area that is worth returning to over and over again.


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