Litchfield Hills

Getting Lost is an Adventure

This past Sunday after spending a day out with family and friends in Southington, and after discovering elevators in restrooms (more on that later), I decided to enjoy a showing of Kings Speech over at the bucolic red barn known as Bantam Cinema in Bantam, thanks to a suggestion from my friend Cindy. She mentioned how fascinated she was by it and said it was worth watching. I couldn’t resist, and because it was Cindy that was recommending it to me, I just knew it had to be good.

As I made my way to Bantam, I couldn’t help but to notice the skyline. The sun was setting on a rather gray winter day with a gentle falling snow with just a hint of orange in the sky from the sunset. Noting that I had a little time before the movie started, I decided to take a ride and watch as the sun lay down to rest for the night. I drove past the cinema and made my way by Bantam lake where there were an abundance of snowmobilers and ice fishermen who were still enjoying what light was out for the day. It was a pretty nice sight, but I couldn’t really stop to enjoy as I was on a mission to follow the sun and get the best possible snapshot as I could of this wicked sunset here in the hills.

I ended up passing by Bantam lake and making my way onto some country back roads in the Washington area. The sun was almost ready to set now. Just a few more minutes and I would capture something breathtaking, something so marvelous that I couldn’t wait to share it. As I continued to drive and follow the sun, I glanced at the clock in my car and saw that the sun had taken me away from Kings Speech. The showing was for 5:15PM and here it was nearly 5:30PM. Well, it was crystal clear now that my relationship with nature has again distracted me from enjoying anything else I planned, which is usually the case. Some see it as a bad thing, I see this bond that I have as a great thing and a force to be reckoned with. Where else but in the great outdoors can you see such beauty. The world around us is a fantastic place, once you get out to explore it that is.

As I continued my journey through the country back roads of Washington, I noted that the sun was now setting and I had found the perfect opportunity to snap a remarkable picture that was also quite memorable. I stopped the car, got out, and stood in front of this picturesque scene that lay in front of me. A tall towering hill-top peak with the sun setting just to its left casting an orange glow in the sky. It was simply breathtaking. I found myself staring in awe of the true beauty that was before me. I found myself getting caught up in the moment. It was quite cold and snowy, but all of that didn’t seem to faze me as I was getting lost in such a beautiful sight.

As I got back in my car and cranked up the heat, I thought about where I was. I knew I was in Washington, but where in Washington was I? I turned to the GPS on my phone which, as luck would have it, was not working as there was no service in the town of Washington. Great. I had followed the sun for so long that I became distracted and got lost. Yes, lost. I never get lost in Litchfield County. I know this place like the back of my hand, which is why almost everyone turns to me if they want advice on this place. Well, I was, and for the very first time. As a traveler, however, I don’t mind getting lost. I have this philosophy that all roads lead to somewhere. I would eventually get home.

After about an hour of driving, I still saw no town in sight, nor did I see anything that looked like a main road. I didn’t pass a single car during that hour stretch too, which is really no surprise because this is Litchfield County and I am in the middle of nowhere here. It began to become quite dark and all I can see in front of me were what the headlights on my car wanted to show me. For those of you not from the Litchfield Hills, many of our roads do not come equipped with those things you call lights. Yes, this is the country, and we are very much behind the times in many places. I saw many things pass my car like a herd of deer, but still not one single car and here I was now 2 hours into my travels. If this story doesn’t give you an indication of how rural Litchfield County is, than I don’t know what story will ever give you an idea.

After about 3 hours, I finally saw life! I swear, I must have turned three shades of white. A car finally passed me! After that, another car! I knew for sure I was somewhere close by to a town. I was almost certain I had to be close to Torrington. As I looked around, however, this wasn’t the Torrington area. This was New Milford.  Yes, I traveled around for 3 hours around the Washington area only to wind up at the neighboring town of New Milford. Now, during the course of those three hours, I didn’t travel on the same road twice, rather they somehow managed to keep on going into whimsical directions.

The moment I landed on the almighty Route 7 in New Milford, I couldn’t wait to find a gas station to fill up my car. It was nearly on E and practically running on fumes at this point. As I filled up my car, I couldn’t help but wonder where the heck was I that had me so lost for such an incredible amount of time. Then I thought to myself, it probably didn’t matter where I was. It was an adventure with many beautiful sights. I couldn’t wait to get lost somewhere again.

As promised, here is that elevator I was talking about in the restroom of Bonterra Italian Bistro in Southington. Yes, this was in the restroom!

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