Introducing: Guest Blogging

As a community blog for Litchfield County, Connecticut, it is essential to include the community in almost every aspect of this blog. In recent weeks, there have been a slew of upgrades to the site, specifically on the home page as there are now links to local bloggers as well as local news and radio sources. This kind of connection directly impacts all of our networking capabilities here in Litchfield County. As a social media guru, I know just how important networking is in each of our lives. Today, it has become an essential element. I am happy to promote as many people as I could on “In Touch..with the Litchfield Hills“. This site is for the community.

Today, I am happy to introduce guest blogging. Guest blogging has been making a number of headlines over the past year and has become a popular trait amongst fellow bloggers. Guest blogging is essentially where other bloggers contribute to the site, not just the main blogger. I have the traffic thanks to my site being listed on The Register Citizen’s website, as well as a terrific number of followers who I am happy to have been able to connect with. The site also has some international followers as well. The most important followers, however, are right here at home in Litchfield County. I can’t tell you how many wonderful people live out here.

I invite all that wish to contribute to the site but ask that you keep to the tone of the blog. The blogs tone is essentially anything and everything Litchfield Hills,CT and Berkshire County,MA. The tone of the blog also carries with it a love for the great outdoors of New England as well as some unique small business finds along the way. You will, of course, get proper recognition for anything and everything that you contribute to the site. You will also be featured in a “Guest Bloggers” page which will host information about our guest bloggers, if you wish.

I believe this is a great way for all of us to connect. Blogging is an amazing way to tell your story, and there are many more stories out there than what I am sharing with my audience.

For more information, please contact me:

NorthwestCTMike@aol.com, on Facebook, or on Twitter!


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