We are a nation built on trust. We trust our meteorologists to predict the weather everyday out of the year, yet one day a year we put our trust into something that comes out of a hole from a long winters nap to predict whether or not we will have an early spring. Today, we again put our trust into our furry little friend who came out of hibernation on a cloudy day in Pennsylvania and, to everyone’s surprise, he did not see his shadow, which means that we will have an early spring.

Now, I may not be a professional or anything here, but one has to wonder how exactly did he escape? Maybe he hasn’t seen the state of Connecticut yet. We are buried in snow up to our eyeballs and here we are trusting this little guy to tell us that there will be an early spring.

For the groundhogs sake, I hope he is correct, otherwise I believe he is going to have plenty of enemies here in the state of Connecticut, or should I say the new Antarctica!