Litchfield County is Snow Exhausted

It has been a winter to remember here in Litchfield County, and it is not over yet. We still have many more weeks of winter upon us. As one storm closes, another one looms right around the corner. It is like we have a weekly subscription to snow, that we simply cannot refund. Mother nature again gave us a beating here in the hills as she dumped nearly several inches of snow this past Tuesday followed by snow, sleet, and ice on Wednesday, making for hazardous travel conditions throughout, not only the county, but the entire northeast.

Across the state, we heard of roofs collapsing like dominos, and here in Litchfield County, we heard of an avalanche in Salisbury right along Route 44.  The snow and ice have all been just too much and many wonder when exactly it will all come to an end. This winter, Connecticut has primarily been the epi-center of almost every winter storm to hit the east coast. The Hartford region has now received close to 80″ of snow this winter so far, making it the 9th snowiest winter on record.

As for me, I was fortunate enough to have these days off from work. I was being pretty productive, however, walking and driving around snapping pictures as I went and toured an array of winter scenes across Litchfield County. In Torrington, the sounds of sirens were everywhere as many had a tough time navigating the roads, which is why many during the height of the storm, including myself, took to the streets on foot. It was surely one of the safest ways to get around and though I didn’t need to go out, I sure wasn’t going to sit around the house and watch as cabin fever set in. A little fresh air does a body wonders!

As I walked around Torrington, I saw an array sights, including a truck driver who made a vicious attempt to getting into a warehouse parking lot where the lot hadn’t even been plowed out yet. In another neighborhood, a mail carrier was spotted, which as we all know no matter rain, sleet, or snow, that mail just has to go!

As the day turned into night and the snow was exchanged for sleet and ice, concerns were heavy about a potential severe ice storm here in Connecticut. As we awoke in the morning, however, we learned that had in fact dodged a bullet. The storm was not as severe as anticipated, however was still tough enough to give us quite the winter wallop. As I set out in my car and toured some parts of the county, I couldn’t help but to wonder where exactly we planned to put all of this snow. I mean, we are literally beyond our waist in snow in many locations. One really does have to wonder what will happen come spring thaw as the snow begins to melt and create massive flooding throughout the state of Connecticut. It remains to be seen, but one thing is certain; no matter what that pesky groundhog has to say, winter is still not over.


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