A Commuters Tale

When I moved to Torrington back in 2009, many thought that I had moved simply because I had a career change. This, however, was not the case at all. I moved to Torrington for a change of life, a change of scenery if you will. My career in the corporate world has not changed, and hasn’t moved closer to home either. I am okay with this, however, noting that I did not move to Torrington for any kind of career change and that Litchfield County is an amazing place to come to home to everyday. Okay, now that we have made that clear, lets move on.

I, like many in Litchfield County, am a commuter at heart. I drive over an hour to my job on the Connecticut shoreline, a different kind of world compared to the rugged terrain of Litchfield County. It is an absolute metropolis filled with fast-paced “Oh my god get out my way!” kind of people  that like to beep horns and curse you out if god forbid you are not an aggressive driver like they are, which I of course am not coming from Litchfield County. I’m not upset with these folks, however. This is their world and I am only a visitor to it. I suspect many that flee Litchfield County once the sunrises in the morning feel the same way that I do. Weekday mornings, our population decreases significantly as folks make the long journey to work. When the sunsets, it’s back to the hills where we wash away the stress after a long day in these urban centers.

Washing away stress. Those words are the magic words my friends. It is one of the many reasons so many of us have transplanted ourselves in Connecticut’s Litchfield Hills. I can’t name any other place in Connecticut that offers this kind of scenic bucolic beauty that surrounds us. Litchfield County has an extensive offering with everything to towering mountain peaks, quaint New England villages, pine forests, and historic mill towns.

LA Fitness of Bristol.

There is something for everyone in Litchfield County, and while there may not be a whole lot to do for the younger generation of folks like myself, there are certainly many things that are within reach just outside of our county borders. As a Torrington resident, I don’t take advantage of the gyms that are in town as I probably should. However, I signed up for LA Fitness in Bristol prior to my moving up here and make the scenic drive out there four days a week. The drive itself is worth it as I pass through historic Harwinton and then through a protected reservoir in Terryville. They may be long, daunting drives for some, but for others like myself, these drives are the payoff for living in Litchfield County. They are incredibly unwinding and allow many time to think and reflect while enjoying the scenery.

Commuting has its benefits, and if anyone were looking for a great place to live, I would still suggest anywhere in Litchfield County. The practically non-existent traffic on Route 8 allows commuters an easy commute until they hit the Waterbury region just south of the county where traffic sometimes becomes overwhelming, but many are reminded of what treat them as they make their way back to Connecticut’s Litchfield Hills at the end of a long day.


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  1. Heather says:

    That “long daunting drive” is my alternate route to work if I refuse to deal with the morons on 84 in Waterbury 🙂


    1. I don’t think I could agree more, Heather. Sometimes, I purposely take those long daunting drives just to unwind BEFORE I get to all the traffic!

      Mike Valletta
      In Touch…with the Litchfield Hills
      Your Source for Everything Litchfield County!


  2. Heather says:

    Tonight was actually the first night in a while I went home that way.

    If I cut behind Lake Compounce & go down Mt. Vernon Rd into Southington I avoid traffic entirely, since my job is right near there.


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