The Frost Heaves are Winning

We do the same thing everyday. We get in our cars, strap on our seatbelts, rev up the engine and prepare to be whisked away by our motive of transportation as we enjoy the views along the way. Well, as of late, those views are getting much harder to enjoy as our viewing is now concentrated much more on the actual roads themselves. Frost heaves have become the center of attention these days as they eat away at our roads here in Litchfield County. Notice I didn’t say pot holes. I said frost heaves, which essentially develop into pot holes. These things create a large dip in the roadway and make it feel as though you are riding a horse instead of riding in a car.

Throughout my travels throughout northwestern Connecticut, I have had the pleasure of dealing with them every stretch of the way, and I do mean every stretch of the way. There is simply no escape. It’s like they own the roads! Once you dodged one set of frost heaves, boom comes another set, and then another! Some actually find these things to be quite fun as they are like off roading to some folks, however my car certainly does not find this to be fun in any way, shape, or form. In fact, I’m surprised my car is still living after what I have been putting it through for the past couple of weeks. Talk about torture. That car has certainly seen some better days…like, during the summer when there wasn’t all these wonderful road hazards.

Last year, many towns throughout the northwest corner started paving roads once spring and summer started coming around. The roads they paved were in pretty bad shape, such as John Brown Road up by University Drive here in Torrington. That road was considered impassable and my car nearly a had a couple of flats because of it. I applaud the work that these towns did last year. So far, the roads seem to be holding up, but mother nature is still finding ways to make these roads a mess as well as there are signs of buckling on these roads.

This isn’t my first winter here in the hills, and it certainly won’t be my last. I have come accustomed to the rugged conditions. However, I do think it is time I joined the rest of you and trade in my car for something that can handle the rugged terrain of Litchfield County. I think I have put this poor thing through enough abuse. Heck, the roads are so bad, my car is starting to think it’s on a rickety wooden rollercoaster ride. By the time I get out of the car, I can still feel myself bouncing up and down from the road conditions.

Make no mistake, as comical as I am trying to put this column, these things are extremely dangerous. Seriously. They can mess up your car in ways you never thought possible, and if you don’t believe me, stop by any service station in town as they inspect your car and find out what these frost heaves have done to your vehicle. You may be surprised at what they find and for our sake, lets hope they find signs of spring.

Yes! That is the perfect caption for my picture on air!


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