As Valentine’s day approaches, we continue to search for great ideas that will make the day with that special someone memorable. Wine, of course, tops the list as many enjoy a night in with dinner and a glass of wine. My personal favorite is a wine that has gained in popularity over the past few months. Cupcake Wine, from Cupcake Vineyards in California, is a wine that will captivate the senses. The wine does not taste like cupcakes, however, rather it is just as sweet as they are. A delightful red wine that is popular amongst fellow cupcake drinkers is the delicious Red Velvet, which is perfect for Valentine’s Day. Locally, this wine is sold at Warehouse Wine & Liquor in Torrington.

There are an array of ideas to find online that will make your Valentine’s day, one that will bring back memories for years to come. Below are some fantastic videos offering helpful ideas to make your day complete.