Crash Monday is coming to Torrington

If you are in the mood for something new, something hot, and something ultra steamy, then you are not going to want to go to some old bingo hall. No. You are going to want to check out T-Place in Torrington on Friday March, 11th at 10PM as a brand new band in the region will be making its appearance in town. Their called Crash Monday and they are hot boys playing hot music. Okay, I don’t judge guys, but that is how they describe themselves! I’ll let you judge for yourself when you see them playing live as they fill the room with so much good vibe that it will make your head spin.

Crash Monday is a band started by Nick Navarro, the former star of MTV’s hit show “Shot at Love” and former guitarist for the Ultimate MTV Coverband “The Zoo”.  I have had the chance to see Nick and his former band members in action at about half-dozen venues across Connecticut and can tell you that there was not only a great vibe, there was also a lot of people who came out as the bars and clubs were usually packed to the max, and it wouldn’t take you long to find out why. Pick up a drink and let the music take you away. The Zoo played just about a little of everything, including hit music from Lady Gaga, Stone Sour, and so much more. It was hard not to enjoy yourself as you danced the night away.

Having networked with Nick and having him as a friend on Facebook, this guy has a pretty sweet following. Nick also has a new clothing line out called “Sex Addict” which has steamy hot apparel that is just as hot as his new band is. There is no doubt that with the past performances I have enjoyed that Nick and his new band will be a huge success. A stop in Torrington is well deserved, and I urge all who are looking to have a great time not to dial the number on the bathroom stall, but rather come on out to T-Place Sports Bar & Grill on Winsted Road in Torrington and witness perhaps one of the best performances that you will see in the region.


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