Governor Malloy Announces Shared Sacrifices

Earlier this week, we learned that here in Connecticut things were about to change as governor Dannel Malloy announced the largest tax increase in state history. That’s right. The largest tax increase in state history, which comes at a time when we are all feeling the burden of hard economic times and rising gas prices that are already one of the highest in the nation. On Wednesday, just shortly after noon, the governor spoke at a press conference outlining his budget plan which he hopes will turn our state around and create, not only jobs, but a surplus at the end of the day. The governor warmed the audience up as he spoke on all the positive changes that he has created since taking office, such as consolidating state agencies, and how the residents of Connecticut are such great people.

Then, it happened. The audience became quiet as the governor spoke of his plan to increase taxes across the board, which will impact everything from a basic haircut to what you buy at the store. He said that the taxes here in Connecticut are just not fair, and who among us couldn’t agree with that statement, but now it is about to get fair, but not before it goes up as well. The governor calls this a “shared sacrifice” which he believes the great people of the state of Connecticut will be willing to pay if they know what it is all about and how it will impact their state in the end. Okay. Let me stop before I go on. I got the whole “shared sacrifice” thing and that we all need to do our part to make our state a better place to live and work. What I don’t get, however, is why we just didn’t go ahead and level out the state taxes and just decided to raise them. I understand that we have to be fair and consistent, but it certainly comes with a price, especially for people in my generation, the twenty-something generation, who are moving out by the droves to more affordable states. Correct me if I am wrong, but I was taught all through school that we are the future leaders of America. Yes. We are the future leaders of America…just not in Connecticut. Connecticut was already expensive enough for many of us to live here, now the state is at it again and making it very tough for many of us to survive.

Recently, here in Torrington, we learned that our little corner of the state has an aging population and that we simply do not have a lot of young people in the region. That same news can be said about the vast majority of Connecticut as college graduates find a more affordable life in the southern states. This is certainly alarming as many from the baby boomer generation are now entering retirement age. How can Connecticut move forward if they cannot keep the twenty-something generation in the state? It is a question that is raised quite frequently throughout the social circles.

We are not the only generation to be impacted, however. Everyone across the state is certainly impacted by this news as everyone is now forced to cut even more corners than we were already cutting. That once a day trip to the coffee-house? You may want to cut that out of your budget. Brew it at home! Need gas for your car? I’m struggling myself at nearly $3.40 a gallon. We are all feeling the crunch, no matter what tax bracket you are in. An increase in state taxes is hard news to swallow, but as governor Malloy said, it is a “shared sacrifice” that we all must make in order to become a better Connecticut.

Read more on this story from The Register Citizen: Malloy: “This budget says Connecticut is open for business” (with documents)


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