EDITORIAL: Blogging Still Thrives

There are some of us in the blogging world who believe blogging is simply dying thanks to the likes of Facebook and Twitter. As someone who has been blogging away in the blogosphere for the past 10 years, I’ve seen a wide variety of changes occur, but most have been for the better rather than for the worse. Allow me to explain.

10 years ago, I was in my mid teens and in high school. I was a computer geek back then, maybe more so than I am now. I launched myself onto AOL, which back then was the most popular way to log onto the world-wide web. As I began surfing the net, I went from writing paragraphs on Instant Messenger to my friends, to creating blog entries into AOL’s blogging program, which is somewhat similar to today’s Blogger. Over a course of months, I gave up after a lack of followers and created my own site through AOL’s free website development program. The site “Crave Magazine Online” was an instant hit, not only with my friends, but also with an array of folks that they shared the site with. Sharing is the word you’ll want to keep lodged in your head for a moment. Take a step back into the late 90’s and early 00’s. There was no such thing as Facebook, MySpace, or even Twitter, all the things that make sharing information fast and easy. Due to this, my site wasn’t as popular or didn’t even have the reach that my site does today, regardless if this site is liked to a local news company. I will tell you that this site is linked to a local news company simply because of Facebook. If I didn’t network with folks on Facebook, many folks would probably not even know this site existed!

My point is this; sure blogging today is an incredibly different world than it was yesterday. However, it is surely not a dying media. If anything, it is a growing media due to the likes of social media sites as bloggers publish their stories to their audiences on those sites, and in turn their audience share what the blogger has published with their friends, and so on. As a blogger, I can say that it has been an incredible journey, one I am proud to have enjoyed since a young age as words come through my finger tips and onto my keyboard at a rapid pace. Do I think that blogging will become radically different in the future? Of course I do. Just look at how print newspapers have changed as they have evolved into a digital first strategy and have seen their readership increase simply because of their online presence and sharing capabilities through social media sites. Our world is always evolving, which is clearly evident in today’s digital age.


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  1. foundersgrp says:

    Mike – Blogging is far from dying – it is just very different than facebook or twitter. That being said – Facebook and Twitter wouldn’t be nearly as effective if it weren’t for the connectivity between those social media sites and millions of blogs hosted on WordPress, blogger etc.

    where FB and Twitter have a 1/2 second attention span – blogs require reading not scanning and have staying power. Try finding a facebook post or a tweet from a year ago.

    Keep on blogging my friend!


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