Out of the Dark

There comes a time when we all need to upgrade the things around us, and I am certainly no exception. Since the iPad came out, I have been tempted to purchase one, and when I say tempted, I mean I have been literally foaming at the mouth to invest my hard-earned dollars in this device, even more so since September which was when my laptop crashed and I had to revert back to the dinosaur; my home computer. A home computer. You know, those big bulky desktops that barely anyone uses anymore? Yeah, I can’t even tell you what that downgrade felt like. It made writing stories exceptionally difficult, not because I had to transition from a laptop keyboard, but because I couldn’t write while I was out on the road. While many hung out at coffee houses with their laptops, I had to go find the story and drive all the way back home to go ahead and chalk it up. Talk about a difficult process! I was practically living in the dark ages when it came to reporting. To make these matters even worse, I live on my own in a two-story town house. All alone. As in me, myself, and I and a living room desktop computer. Sounds like a lonely environment if you ask me, and for one who loves interacting with others, that’s not really my thing.

So, what did I do to change this drab environment? I changed things up and upgraded my life. I broke down and purchased an iPad. Okay, so maybe it was the computer that broke down before me, which pretty much forced me to go out and buy this thing, but hey, I’m not complaining! It’s income tax time and bonus season at work, this thing was much more affordable to me today than it was yesterday, plus now I can engage in a healthy conversation or two at the local coffee houses while I’m typing up a few columns. Oh, what a great feeling I have already just thinking about it! With the dinosaur extinct, life just got a whole lot better. As an added benefit, I’ll also be able to stop into the Register Citizen’s Newsroom Cafe here in Torrington more often since they offer free wi-fi, which is how the iPad essentially connects to the Internet. A 3G service version is offered on another version of the iPad through AT&T, but unfortunately the service is costly and isn’t unlimited, which is a sign of the times as many companies are now doing sway with unlimited service options. Last year at this time, I wouldn’t even consider buying the 3G version as Litchfield County did not even have 3G service. In fact, when I first moved here, I told everyone to call me at the county border if they were on their way to my house. Service was pretty rough, let alone incredibly slow.

Today is a new day. Litchfield County has had 3G service for a little over a year now and overall I can’t complain about the coverage, except of course in the isolated locations, which can be quite the challenge for anyone, and I’m not quite sure how anyone can get a hold of anything like oh, I don’t know…Life star! I guess those people just use Indian signals, but unlike them, I have escaped the dark ages and transitioned myself to at least a little taste of modern life as I enjoy more time out on the road and more time doing what I love; striking up conversations with total strangers, which apparently was something my parents forgot to tell me never to do when I was growing up.


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