Get Groomed at the Best Barber Shop in Torrington

They say when you look good, your whole body feels good. As someone who focuses a lot on maintaining a healthy lifestyle by both eating right and engaging in a healthy session at the health club, looking great is essential to that formula, and in Torrington, there is only one place that I trust to help me with that piece of the puzzle; Groom Barber Shop. Groom has been my business of choice since I moved to Torrington. It is there where I met Dale & Mike, the experts in town who know how to give a guy the style he needs, and wants! A little off the top is a mere understatement. There is no rushed feeling here. Feel free to shoot the breeze while watching some news or sports on two of their flat screen televisions.

Since I’ll be on vacation this week, and I’ll be heading down south to see my father who moved to Virginia a little more than six months ago, I knew I had to look my very best. After all, wouldn’t you want to look great for your parents? I know I do! I paid my favorite pair of barbers a visit today and got a fresh style with Dale Becker, who I have gotten to know very well since moving to town. This kid knows his stuff and is incredibly talented, even when he’s not cutting hair. Dale is also in the midst of getting into the music business by creating new beats at his studio. I’m impressed with this guy. He has an undeniable amount of optimistic energy that keeps him doing great things, like being a great barber for example.

A visit to Groom usually lasts anywhere from 10-15 minutes, or an hour. They know, however, that slow and steady gets it right every time. Today’s visit lasted approximately 45 minutes. They pay close attention to detail and they finish off the deal with something that’s a little unusual for the Torrington area; hot lather with a straight blade cut. This is by far the best part of the cut. I look forward to it every time, not only does it feel great, but it also really helps when you want the correct style.

Groom has been in town for well over five years. They are known to offer the best service possible every time, but not only do they offer the best service, they also do a lot to give back to the community. This past summer, they gave back to the Torrington community by giving away free haircuts to school age children, just in time before they returned to classes in the fall. This was the third time they gave away free haircuts. They also gave away free cuts when they moved from their former location on Main Street, as well as when they celebrated their 5th anniversary in town.

So, the next time you’re looking to look great for that hot date, or even a night out on the town, be sure pay Groom a visit. Mark my words, you will never go wrong and you’ll get the best service guaranteed. You’ll soon be asking yourself why you have never been here before. Well, now is surely a great time to discover what you have been missing!

Groom Barber Shop LLC

78 Water Street

Torrington,CT 06790

(860) 201-5665


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