Spring into Renewal with the Torrington Downtown Partners

As the seasons start to change and spring begins to take shape, so too does a renewed sense of revival in Torrington. Many projects are set to launch around town, including the rehabilitation of the western sidewalk on Main Street, which the Torrington Development Corporation says will be similar to the enhancements on Water street. Yes, in our town, spring means there will be a lot going on, but not only from the TDC, the Torrington Downtown Partners have a lot going on as well. A few weeks ago, all of us partners cast our ballots on which awnings we would like to see on the downtown properties. I regret not making any calls on this. You see, I recently discovered that e-mail account has an incredibly sensitive spam filter. The partners e-mail had ended up in that filter, which I didn’t capture until after the voting was closed. As I reviewed the e-mail, I was impressed with the original designs that the partners have chosen, and how they wanted to keep it historically accurate. You’ll see the chosen designs soon, and you can be assured that they will make all the difference of how downtown Torrington looks.

Since becoming a parter at the press release back in the fall, I have been rather impressed what projects they have taken on and what they are doing for our community. This past week, The Register Citizen reported that a fast food franchise, Subway, would soon be making its way downtown and in one of the partners properties. Perfect! Subway is a Connecticut based company and they franchise their operations. I’m not complaining. This is a start of something good as more energy makes its way into downtown Torrington. Not only will there soon be a great place to grab a quick bite to eat as your walking around the heart of the town, but so too will be a hip new office space for the Torrington Titans as they are now located where the old Studio 59 once stood.

The partners are undoubtedly the heart of our city. Great things are happening because of their continued commitment to the fine folks of Torrington. Where once we saw a dying city that was left helpless after the manufacturing facilities left, we now see an energetic ambiance glowing from downtown Torrington as the partners, and many others like them, continue to fight for revival. I am proud to call myself a partner, and that I am doing my part to make Torrington shine ever so brightly once again for many generations to come.

Click here to learn more about the Torrington Downtown Partners


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  1. Heather says:

    I wish said fast food place wasn’t something we already have. I like Subway but I hope that this doesn’t mean the one next to Stop & Shop is closing…that plaza is about due for a revitalization as well!


  2. ……MIKE AGOGLIATI Register Citizen..Robert Crovo left presented a check to the Torrington Downtown Partners for 10 000 on Friday. The money allowed the partnership to purchase two more properties in downtown Torrington………


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