Life Lessons are Learned on Vacation

Most people this time of year go on exotic vacations across the globe to escape the winter blues that most of us have built up from a winter of agony. As for me, I travel to places with a purpose intended. I’m not one to spend lavishly on vacations, especially if they just involve myself. Last week, I made the trip out to Virginia to be with my family and I couldn’t have asked for a better, more relaxing time. I should probably stress the word relaxing. You see, my father’s house is just outside a town called Tappahannock, an incredibly rural landscape complete with cow pastures and logging roads. This kind of place is a great escape, especially for those of us who would like to unwind a bit.

The morning after I arrived, it was time for my morning brew. I looked at the GPS on my phone to find out where the nearest Dunkin Donuts was located. Now, as for someone who lives on coffee house coffee, I desperately needed this, especially after a long 8 hour commute in. To my shock and horror, the nearest Dunkin Donuts was over an hour away! WHAT! This couldn’t be. There had to be something wrong with the GPS. I then typed in Starbucks to see if they had any locations close to where I was. Nope! Still over an hour away for coffee! Oh goodness sake, my morning was already ruined. How does one that has become so used to a Dunkin Donuts on every street corner in Connecticut live without a coffee, for over a week?

Well, my father had an answer for that, and it was called a Keurig machine. I was hesitant at first. I can’t stand making coffee at home. It’s just not anything like the coffeehouse and it simply is never strong enough. Well, since I wasn’t going to drive over an hour for a cup of joe, I knew I needed this coffee. I gave it a shot. After a smooth start, the coffee was actually pretty great! I was hooked! In fact, I was so hooked, I made it my mission for when I got back home to Torrington that I would go out and invest in one of these snazzy machines. I say invest because it costs over $100, but as someone who looks at things on a larger scale, if I invest $100 now for a great cup of coffee at home rather than spending it at the coffee-house, well, I have just invested all that saved money into my retirement portfolio. A pure win!

As my time in Virginia progressed, I began to really enjoy myself. I enjoyed the lazy days of relaxing and watch the world pass me by, which of course there was no world to really watch when you are sitting around watching tumbleweeds pass by. I decided since I had so much free time on my hands, that I would blog about a few things that perk my interest. I grabbed my iPad and began typing away, then I noticed something that would make a tech geek like me, cry out in hysteria; there was no wi-fi! Oh no! I asked my father where the nearest hotspot was located seeing as how there was apparently no internet connectivity for miles. He pointed out that my best bet would be to drive about 20 minutes into town and stop by the library. 20 minutes just to get online? Forget about it! I’ll do without it. After all, I’m on vacation and should be enjoying all of this free time that I suddenly have, which I did.

Later in the week, I enjoyed a night out with my family and some friends at a place called Dave & Busters. What a terrific venue! It’s like a chuckecheese for adults, complete with drinks and entertainment. The food was reasonable and worth it for the prices, but of course for someone who eats like a bird any type of food is reasonable to me. We enjoyed a full course dinner along with some mixed drinks only to find ourselves enjoying a game of hoops in the arcade room shortly after, which is a great way to burn off that dinner!

Every time I visit Virginia, I always enjoy myself. I get to spend a great deal of time with family that I have grown up with over the years, and when I leave it is often hard as it is puzzling. This visit, I not only leave behind my cousins, I leave behind my father and his family. You see, my father made the move over the summer to be closer to our family. My parents have been divorced for years and my mother lives here in Connecticut. Leaving behind my father, even at 24 years old is no easy business. I may be 8 hours away, but to him and I, it is like we are worlds apart. I’m glad to have made the visit and that I have gotten to spend time with my father and the family. Nothing can ever replace this vacation, not even one on a sunny beach in Maui sipping Mai Tai‘s.


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