Pain at the Pump

Many of you who have been following me throughout the past year know that I am an active traveler. I practically live for the enjoyment that hours on the open road bring. It’s often relaxing as it is scenic. I’ve been traveling for as long as I can remember, and it all started with my parents who loved to escape the everyday and head out to some place new and exciting on the weekends. Due to today’s rising cost of gas prices however, it seems to be those hours on the open road have now diddled down just a mere few minutes. Everywhere I look, the gas prices average about $4 a gallon. Sure, I could afford that. No problem. I could afford it, however, if everything else wasn’t going up as well. Let’s take food for example. Many of us know that the rising costs of fuel mean a rise in food prices due to the fact the food has to travel to get to us, so we, the consumer, must take on the added expenses to help pay for that. It’s like we’re paying for fuel in more ways than just stopping in at your local gas station and pumping up your car!

Food, for everyone, is essential. Let’s face it. We can’t live without food, and we can’t possibly curb our appetite to sacrifice for our driving habits. It only makes logical sense that we curb our cars until the cost of gasoline goes down, which reports state will happen no time soon. Gone are the days of a dollar or two dollars a gallon. Today, we’re watching gas prices rise steadily as they edge closer and closer to the $5 mark in states like California. Many of us are now living on very tight budgets just to get by due to the harsh economic environment, let alone the rising cost of fuel. It has to make you wonder, however. Are the executives who are running these companies in the oil and gas industry living on budgets? I bet not. In fact, I’m sure that they are driving anywhere and everywhere and spending outrageous amounts for lavish vacations.

Our world has dramatically changed, especially over the past 10 years, which is evident by today’s economic environment. Can we the consumer, however, send message to these companies that we have had enough? We sure can. We can take it to a whole new level by going green. New types of energy such as wind and solar are dramatically more affordable than the old world natural resources that we continue to rely on today. Lets think about this; if we continue to live the way we have been living, we’re only going to keep on feeling the same pain that we continue to feel today, if not worse. There simply is not an abundant amount of those resources to go around. We have used up a great deal of it as it is. Not only that, but studies show that as we continue to use it, we are leaving behind devastating effects on the environment around us. As someone who loves the great outdoors and the beautiful sights of Litchfield County, I would love to see our environment be preserved for future generations, but we can only do that if we send a message to these companies and pursue a cleaner natural resource.

I admit. I am a pretty green person. I watch cautiously what I shop for as I shop for green products everyday in the grocery store and beyond. I’m a firm believer that the consumer can send a clear message to companies simply by purchasing smarter. As a retail manager, I see it everyday. As of late, the consumer has been getting smarter and shopping with, not only their wallets in mind, but the environment as well as we all worry about the devastating effects that we are having on our world, which we are now paying for at the pump and at the grocery store as well.

Here are a few resources that can help ease the burden at the pump: -Find Low Gas Prices in the USA and Canada

Wallet Pop– How to Save on Gas Prices at the Pump Climb


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