On the Road Again

This past week has been one that has been quite busy for me, which could probably explain my lack of blogging. Earlier in the week, I took my car with 252,000 miles on it to the garage for an oil change. Usually, I’m pretty good with oil changes and regular maintenance which would explain why I got so much great use out of my car. This oil change however, was quite different. As I was sitting in the lounge waiting for my car to get fixed, I was called out to the bays to take a look at my car. This, is never a good sign as they usually have to let you know of something that has gone wrong, and as luck would have it, something certainly did go wrong. As it turns out, they couldn’t perform my oil change due to a massive build up of sludge, which was coming out in clumps just like mud. Yuck! I was informed that this probably wasn’t the worst of it as I would need a new engine as well. A new engine? Nope! Sorry. Not happening. I know how much that costs.

I decided to take matters into my own hands and bring myself to the dealership, Shakers Family Ford in nearby Watertown. I knew that this car had clearly seen better days. There was no way I was going to pay for the amount of repairs that needed to be done when it just made logical sense to invest in a whole new car entirely. I’m not your average car buyer, however. I’m the guy who goes into a dealership and says give me what you got. No, really. I am. I sat down with this great salesman named Jim who showed me a great deal of cars that was in my budget as far a financing went, as well as fuel economy noting the amount of travel that I do and the new average price of gasoline here in Connecticut. I was instantly turned on to the 2008 Ford Focus. This car was a beauty. It was silver with a beige interior and got on average 38MPG. I was sold, and Jim was shocked. Why? Well, you see, the car wasn’t even on the lot. In fact, I was so sold, I was ready to sign at the dotted lines without even seeing the car. Guess that’s how bad I wanted a new one.

It took a little less than 2 hours for Jim to find out if I was qualified for the car, and as it turns out, I was! So, the next day, after I cleaned out my car and took my long time friend for one last ride through Litchfield County, I found myself at the dealership picking up my latest investment. As much as I wanted to get rid of my old Ford Focus, I couldn’t help but shed at least one tear that I wax leaving it behind for scrap. It was my first car, and it treated me quite well up until recently. I knew it was time for it’s retirement, but to leave it behind was kind of hard. I knew, however, that I would now create the same memorable moments with my new car, and that’s something to look forward to, as well as not breaking down on the side of the road, of course.


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