By George, the Food is Good

As of late, I have been doing much more cooking at home which is completely new to me. Sure, I cook every now and then, but I live on my own and to be bluntly honest with you, sitting at a dining room table while enjoying a delicious meal isn’t as glamorous as it may seem. I like to be around people. Period. I enjoy people watching to the fullest, and though you don’t have to talk to other people, you learn a lot just by listening to others. Honest! Take for instance how I had overheard from someones conversation recently that George’s Restaurant in Torrington was by far one of the best places around to grab a bite to eat. Well, you know me. Where there is food to be had, I’m all ears, which proved troublesome because this man was going on and on about how delicious the soup was. Enough already! I had to discover it for myself before I literally started begging this guy to show me the food instead of just talking about it.

This past Thursday, I made a trip to George’s after a morning out with my mother. I kept that soup in mind. No, my mouth was watering for that soup like a dog. Our waitress introduced us to the specials and there it was. The soup! It was as if there were lights flashing and bells going off like a slot machine at the casino. A rich, creamy, butternut squash soup was available for me to devour. Perfect! We’ll take two along with our meals. Along with the soup, I ordered the cheeseburger club and mother ordered a house salad. We had expected that they would be small plates. Our mistake! These plates looked as delicious as the sound of the soup I had been hearing all about. My mothers salad came with warm pita bread topped with grated cheese and dressing. I should have ordered that. My cheeseburger club was just as delicious, however, and came in the most unusual form unlike anything I had ever seen. It came in triangular slices but it wasn’t on a hamburger bun or a roll, it was on white bread and with it was bacon, lettuce, tomato, and a side of fries. I was impressed to say the least, and when I took my first bite, I instantly knew why people were bragging about this place as I am now a bragger too.

Oh yes, the soup. Did I leave you in suspense? I was hoping to save the best for last! Our soup arrived before the meal and what had looked like your ordinary butternut squash soup, certainly didn’t have the aroma as such. You could smell the power. You could almost taste it with that one single sense. I was ready to attack, and once I did my eyes lit up like a kid who walked into Tara Lindberg’s Candy Bouquet store downtown. This soup was absolutely out of this world! My senses were going haywire as the rich butternut squash soup entered my system. Not only was it rich and creamy, it was also made with honey and boy could you taste it! I was in heaven, or at least close enough.

George’s Restaurant
1203 East Main Street
Torrington, CT 06790


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