A Blossoming Spring


Wherever you go here in Connecticut’s Litchfield Hills, signs of spring are everywhere to be seen as lush vegetation transforms the landscape from the once bare trees of the winter. It is as if the world is becoming new again as everything from flora to fauna lights up the landscape as a brilliant melody of colors climbs it’s way up the hillsides from the valley floors of the Naugatuck and Housatonic. Unlike the valley’s, many of the summits still lay bare as they wait for the cooler temperatures to depart in exchange for modestly warm weather with gentle cool breezes.

As an outdoor enthusiast, this landscape excites me as the vibrant colors of our New England landscape shine once again. The spring rains may have had a damper on our lives, but here in the Litchfield Hills countryside it has brought bountiful beauty as once snow covered lawns have been replaced with a warm vibrant green that serves as a perfect backdrop for many of our lakes and streams which have broken free of the ice and flow freely once again as they flow gently to dazzle the landscape as it provides nourishment for the spring flowers that lay by it’s banks. Every color imaginable lights up the landscape as they blossom to create a beautiful pastel painting.

Not only have the marvelous colors of spring made it’s way back, but so too has all the wildlife that left for the winter. Beautiful red robins are flying about again, along with about thousand of it’s friends and family that have also departed before winter set in. Not only have our small feathered friends made a comeback, but so too have the bears that are now waking up from a rather long winters nap as they make their way around the land in search of food to please their appetites so they may once again tour the landscape. The deer who once trotted in snow covered fields are now trotting around from bush to bush as the berries grow once again to please their appetites as well before they too venture out to explore the world around them. Yes, the wildlife has made a comeback once again to the hills, and as they continue to trek back from their winter escapes, they make their way back searching for a world of new, which is exactly what spring offers.

If you were wondering when the best time to visit Litchfield County to experience this seasonal sensation was, the answer is no time is better than the present. The splendor of the season doesn’t last for long and every opportunity should be made to seize the day and take in the sights of what spring has brought to beautiful Litchfield County,CT.



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