Daffodil Hill Offers a Sea of Daffodils


Last night, I was watching one of my trusted news sources, NBC Connecticut, and as I was watching I happened to notice that they were airing a story that took place here in Litchfield County. I was all ears. Anything to do with the local area I immediately want to know about, even if I already know about it! This story, however, I hadn’t known about and I was very excited that I was learning of a new place to discover, and what a place it was indeed. Located in the sprawling countryside in between the rolling hills of Litchfield and Thomaston lies a place called Daffodil Hill which is known to be quite the magical place this time of year as a sea of daffodils take front and center and sprawl themselves across quite a few acres of property that eventually lead to a majestic countryside pond. Daffodil Hill is fairly easy to get to as it lies right off of Route 254 at a place called Laurel Ridge Farm. It is here where people of all ages come to enjoy the beauty that is Connecticut’s Litchfield Hills and it is also here where many photo enthusiasts both professional and non-professionals, come to take in the sights as they work their lenses and capture everything that this landscape has to offer.

It had been my first visit to Daffodil Hill and I was in awe of what lay in front of me. This sea of daffodils came complete with rolling hills, a majestic pond, and a slew of rock walls that bordered the property. This was paradise to me as I can literally sit here for hours on end capturing the essence of daffodils through the lens of my iPhone, which amazingly takes fantastic pictures which you can see for yourself in this column. As I walked through the field and down the hillside, I couldn’t help but reflect on just how special life really is. So often, many of us take it for granted but when you see sights such as this it’s easy to get lost and bask in the glory of life.








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  1. courtney says:

    One of my all time favorite places. So beautiful and peaceful. My mom who was an amazing woman and an avid gardener has some of her ashes spread there. I love to go sit…relax and reflect there…


    1. Thank you for clarifying, DJ. This beautiful place is actually called the “Laurel Ridge Narcissi Plantings” or as we like to say, the “Narcissi Fields” for short. (Please view sign posted to our Naugatuck Garden Club FB page… https://www.facebook.com/NaugatuckGardenClub) Courtney, we’re sure there are many loved ones’ ashes spread there. Please know your Mom is in very good company. ❤


  2. sweetbasset says:

    I’ve always called it the “Daffodil Farm”…but it is my heaven on earth. Wonderful Photos. I have fond memories of sitting amongst the daffodils! I always took photos from the base of the natural rock slap staircase looking upward with the stone walls and daffodils on either side. BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL!


  3. sb says:

    Wonderful photos. As a Florida transplant of 21 years, I miss the New England wonders and this is exceptionally, breathtakingly beautiful. Daffodils are one of my favorite flowers.

    That said, however THIS opening gambit leaves me with a big painful OUCH: “Last night, I was watching one of my trusted news sources, NBC Connecticut,…”


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