In Torrington, A Business Stands Strong


Owner Lucille Kelsey of LA Consignment in downtown Torrington has more than just her energetic charisma to thank for the success of her business, she also has the all of the wonderful people of Torrington. When Lucille first opened her business four years ago this month, there was no telling what a powerful influence her business would be on the Torrington community. Located right on Main Street just north of city hall, Lucille’s business is undoubtedly in the heart of our downtown which is blossoming with excitement these days as a renewed focus has come about to redevelop our city center into one that is filled with energy and excitement. Her business is unique and offers a wide variety of merchandise to keep her customers coming back time and time again. A consignment store that caters to the every whim of members of the Torrington community and beyond. Lucille is proud to offer the largest selection of new and preowned ladies and juniors clothing, though Lucille is quick to point out that she doesn’t leave the men of the household out of the equation as well as she has a tasteful selection of mens jeans, coats, and shirts as well.

When Lucille first started the business, she also didn’t realize the positive potential that was ahead for it. These days, as our global economy continues to suffer and we look for ways to go green in order to save green, consignment stores are in huge demand. The old saying that one mans trash is another mans treasure certainly is the rule here as opposed to the exception. Without a doubt, consignment stores are on the rebound as cheap chique beats out the ever expensive chique that you would find from a department store. Lucille offers a wide variety of brands to compliment your style. Wether you’re looking for styles from Hollister & Abercrombie, or if you’re looking for that hip design from Talbots and J.Jill, LA Consignment has exactly what you are looking for, and if you’re looking to sell, Lucille can offer a helping hand as well and says that consigning your goods is as easy as making the phone call and setting up an appointment. She splits the proceeds an even 50/50 in order to keep it fair and balanced, which also keeps her consignors coming back to sell again and to pass on the best styles and selection to you the customer.

As Lucille builds her business around the community, she also supports many local funds and organizations here in the Litchfield Hills. Recently, during the Christmas holiday, she helped those in need by joining other local stores as they took in donations for those less fortunate. It is indeed this type of community spirit that keeps Lucille in the drivers seat as her business continues to succeed and her customers continue to save money despite the rather expensive world we live in today. Speaking of saving money, Lucille is also taking $5 off of any $25 purchase, which you can seek as a coupon from the register, through May 31st in celebration of her 4 year service to the Torrington community.

Torrington is a community of so many wonderful individuals who continue to work together to achieve so many great accomplishments. Lucille is undoubtedly the perfect piece to the puzzle and a cornerstone in the future of our downtown as we continue to build a better Torrington for all.



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