Torrington: A Small Town Moving On


Since moving to Torrington back in October of 2009, I have gotten used to a number of things that our upstate Connecticut town offers. One of the most attractive qualities, in my opinion, is the fact that no matter how much Torrington may grow, it continues to hold onto it’s small town lifestyle. Our charming, bucolic, New England town has certainly grown in the mere two years that I have resided here. When I arrived, downtown was practically dying as closed up store fronts lined Main Street. As the months have unfolded, however, a new sense of pride and abundant energy has made it’s way to our downtown which kicked off with last summers Main Street Marketplace, an open air market filled with entertainment and a variety of different vendors, including fresh produce from local area farms. It was the place to be on Thursday nights last summer and you can bet that I made my way to the majority of them as I discovered everything that our area had to offer. Stores such as Julia Sloan’s Brazen Betties have also brought a great deal of positive energy as she caters to many tourists and residents alike as she shows off what local artists and designers have to offer. In fact, this past weekend, she held her second birthday street fair right on Main Street which was filled with vendors and brought in a great deal of people to explore everything that downtown Torrington has to offer.

Who would have thought that just within my two years of moving here, that I would have seen so many positive things coming about of such a spectacular town. Today, the Torrington Downtown Partners, which I am proud to have invested in, are transforming our downtown as they work in partnership with the Torrington Development Corporation to bring back my new life and make a number of improvements including street scape improvements and apartment renovations. Make no mistake about it, our downtown is in the midst of a revival, and every single one of us are playing a part in brining our town back to life, and that’s something to be proud of as we work to build the Torrington of the future while never backing down from our small town ways of life and blue collar roots.

I take a great deal of pride when I tell folks where I live. I love living here. I love the fact that the fine folks at the South Main Street Dunkin Donuts know who I am, even after months of not seeing them. Today, I drove up to the drive thru and the employee turned around and asked me if I had gotten a new car despite the fact that I hadn’t seen her in over 3 months. Simply stated, that’s not just outstanding customer service, that’s one of the many beauties of living in a small town. You wouldn’t expect to see something like that in too many places these days, but it exists right here in good old Torrington, Connecticut and it’s the place that I am proud to call home.



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