Make it a New Morning


Have you ever studied your purchasing habits? As someone who makes a conscious effort to look out for the environment, I often ensure that what I buy makes green sense as well, which is why I have tuned myself into New Morning Natural & Organic in nearby Woodbury. New Morning is a relatively small retail store that is currently undergoing expansion as it looks to move to it’s new home soon from it’s current location on Main Street South in Woodbury. New Morning is everything natural and they really have a great selection on locally grown items such as dairy and produce, and most of it at pretty reasonable prices for the average consumer. As you tour about this charming store with it’s rustic wooden floors and shelving, you’ll notice the abundant amount of merchandise they sell which is aimed to promote a healthy lifestyle. Products like wheatgrass, soy milk, Honest Tea, and Odawalla pack the store shelves as it presents itself like a candy store for healthy living consumers everywhere.

Make no mistake about it, however, New Morning is more than just a health store, it’s also the place to support your local farmers as locally grown produce from nearby farms bridge the gap from farm to table. Milk from places such as Arethusa Dairy Farm in Litchfield is also available and at reasonable prices. Speaking of prices, be sure to sign up for their loyalty program, Greenshares, as you can reap in the savings at the register. The program is free of charge and works much like a Stop & Shop card. A novel idea from such a novel little store that puts the customer first in every aspect of the business.

When The Market in Litchfield closed up a few weeks ago, I was slightly devastated as it was my store of choice when searching for products I knew, were not only good for my well being, but also good for the environment. When I stumbled upon New Morning, I knew I was in good hands. When you stop to look at the bigger picture, every little thing we do makes an impact on the environment. Everything. We as consumers have a choice when we want to make an impact on the world we live in, and it all begins when we get to the check out lane.

New Morning Natural & Organic
738 Main Street South
Woodbury, CT 06798-3701





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