Life is Sweet by Beating the Heat at the Lake


On a day that was threatened by severe weather outbreaks, I decided to spend a good part of my day beating the heat by escaping to Lake Waramaug State Park in Kent. It is here where the scenic beauty of our foothills comes alive as the mountains seemingly dominate the landscape as they rise above the coastlines of the lake. Also along the coastlines are some rather expensive homes owned by many New Yorker’s who use the area as weekend and summertime retreats. I had been to Lake Waramaug several times over in my own lifetime, but this time just seemed different. For starters, I spent the time flying solo. I’m not one to always spend a lot of time to myself, but when I do it’s like heaven. It’s a break away from everything, and to really add the whole escape from the world feel I was looking for, AT&T does not offer any cell phone service in the area, which means my iPhone was useless! I couldn’t connect to Facebook and I couldn’t tweet about my day on Twitter. I couldn’t text my friends to make plans, and I couldn’t call my parents to see how their day was going. Yes, if it’s solitude you want, this is one place in Litchfield County that you can truly experience just that.

As I laid out on the grassy banks of the lake, I couldn’t help but realize just how peaceful this was. Really? Was this really happening? A day all to myself? Yes, yes it was and I was loving it. There was no need to be anywhere at any certain time, no one could reach me and preach to the coir about their day. It was just the world and myself, along with a handful of other people who were also making the most of the day. I decided to open a book I’m reading, The Help, and decided it was time for me to get lost as I burried my head in a good read as the waters of the lake relax me, along with the blazing summer sun. After about an hour of reading, it was time to make a splash, and boy after laying out in todays sun for an hour, the crisp lake water never felt so good! It was like a renewal, it was as if I were a kid again. I was simply being me and having the time of my life.

After about a couple hours of slacking in the grass and making a few splashes in the lake, it was time to make the return trip back home to Torrington, but before I did, I made sure to support the local economy by stopping in at Nine Main, which is a bucolic New England bakery and deli. It’s this cute little find in the village of New Preston that will be sure to delight. I ordered the turkey wrap which came complete with fresh lettuce and tomatoes. Once my order was complete, I sat down next to a window which overlooked a cascading waterfall on the other side of the road. This certainly made the perfect ending to the near perfect day. I couldn’t have been any happier. The kid in me was out, and I was enjoying another beautiful day in beautiful Litchfield County, Connecticut.



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