A Quarter of Fun in Torrington

When was the last time you had fun with a quarter? Was it back in the day of old five and dimes? Maybe it was when you tossed it into a gum ball machine and watched it swirl it’s way out. In Torrington, the possibilities of having fun with a quarter are endless! Did you know it only takes 1 quarter to give you an hours worth of entertainment at any metered location in downtown? That’s right. If you park anywhere in downtown Torrington, all you need is a quarter and you got yourself an hour. In most places, a quarter wouldn’t even give you fifteen minutes! Where else could you have fun on a budget? I can’t think of too many other places.

When I visit downtown, I usually park in the municipal lot next to the library. I drop a quarter in the meter and boom I’ve got myself an hour of entertainment downtown. I usually start off my tour of downtown with a trip to Nirvana’s, which is this wicked cool coffee shop right on Main Street. Not only could you get a great cup of coffee, but you could also indulge in smoothies, shakes, and a tasty treat that will keep you satisfied as your window shopping around town at stores like Brazen Betties, Scents and Sensibility, Remember When, and Toy Jam. With each stop into one of these stores, you will witness, not only some rare finds that will make you drool, but also some very warm people that are great to strike up a conversation with. It is this welcoming attitude that keeps people coming back to downtown Torrington, along with how affordable it is to park!

After you’ve made your rounds around town, maybe you’ll want to enjoy some delicious food while watching the world pass you by. Well, throw in another quarter and you’ve got yourself a lunch date with Backstage, a hearty eatery also located on Main Street and right next to the nostalgic Warner Theater. The atmosphere is incredibly casual, and the food is quite delectable. After you’ve refueled, you’re ready for liftoff! Head on over to Rocket Fine Street Food located in the Oddo Print Shop parking lot for some dessert, or head on up to Candy Bouquet a little bit further up on East Main Street for a wonderful selection of candies that will bring the kid in you out all over again.

So, there you have it. You’ve just had the most incredible time in downtown Torrington, and it was all in thanks to a quarter. Okay, so you probably just spent fifty cents, but really? Most places in our state you couldn’t spend a day on the town for less than ten dollars! When you’re not worrying about how much money you’re spending on parking, the possibilities are endless as you’ll have more money left over to keep the fun going. Who says you can’t have fun with a quarter?



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