Exploring an Art Gallery, Unlocks a World of Inspiration


We all know him. We’re all dazzled by him. We all love our very own Joe “Taco” Kopler. There are a variety of things in Litchfield County that would certainly inspire anyone to become a better person both inside and out, but when you take a visit to Joe’s art gallery located at his east end home in Torrington, you’ll walk away with an entirely new look on life. Joe has been in the art scene for quite some time and has attended a number of local events, such as last summers Main Street Marketplace in Torrington, to show off his rather unique works of art. You see, Joe’s work is unlike any other. His paintings are sculptured as they litteraly pop out at you as if you were actually there. I have been friends with Joe for nearly a year, and when I first walked into his gallery last August, I was blown away, not only by the amazing works of art, but also by Joe’s unique character as he certainly gives off a welcoming, yet strongly optimistic vibe. As an optomist myself, and a believer that if you think positive you achieve positive results, Joe and I clicked insntantly.

Through the course of the year, I have learned a great deal about my friend Joe. I learned just how strong his passion for his work was. I learned how this man was made with a heart of gold as he helped the members of our community, including a local church. I learned that the more people that got a chance to meet this guy, the more they would walk away with a whole new outlook on life as well. Recently, Joe contacted me to let me know that someone from a distant land made the trip out to Torrington to explore his gallery. I’m used to Joe telling all of us who stops by. He makes it known, and he’s very much proud of it! After all, why shouldn’t he? He’s amazing! This visit, however, was quite different as it was a filmed visit, and Joe got his chance to showcase to the world outside of Torrington just what made him and his work very Normam Rockwell like. This video will inspire you, but I must add, though the video is excellent, you simply must visit this gallery for yourself, especially if you would like to get a little taste of inspiration.




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