The Quiet Slumber of a Litchfield County Summer



When busy yuppies from New York look to get away for the weekend, they turn to Connecticut’s bucolic Litchfield Hills. Just two hours from the city, Litchfield County provides a convenient escape for those looking for a little bit of solitude while enjoying the picturesque beauty that is western New England. While so many of us take it for granted, these New Yorker’s relish in the small town charm that we provide. We are undoubtedly a tourist attraction for the masses. Where else can you get a little piece and quiet while sitting on the banks of a lake taking in gorgeous mountain views? There’s not too many places across Connecticut, but there sure are in Litchfield County! In fact, we’re packed with places where you can park yourself and forget all your troubles. Heck, you can even kick the shoes off your feet while you park along the side of a dirt road and stare into the miles of wilderness and farmland as you watch the sunset over the generous abundance of mountainsides. You get that whole Vermont feeling every time, as you should!

Settled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Connecticut’s Litchfield Hills is largely unsettled as it is unspoiled. Miles of open land lead into miles of wilderness which ultimately leads to hidden gems like hidden ponds and lakes where no one is about but yourself. In Litchfield County, you can grab a cup of joe from a mom and pop coffeehouse as you pursuit your day along side the shores of a lake laying back on wooden Adirondack chairs as you watch the natural world unfold around you with everything from Canadian geese to baby deer crossing your path, or perhaps wild turkeys. Everywhere you turn, you are surrounded with peace and quiet, and it doesn’t just end when the sun goes down. Nighttime brings with it a sea of stars in the skies above as a lack of city glow gives way to the most breathtaking starlight display you have ever seen. Sure, you may here a coyote howling at the moon as it stands up on a cliff casting it’s shadows from the moonlight to the valley below, but it’s one of the many harmonic sounds you’ll hear. The night gives way to crickets, and lots of them. They play a simple harmony as if you were being entertained by a live band.

As you tuck yourself away into a rather cozy bed for the night, being put to sleep by the sound of crickets, you’ll awake to a sea of chirping birds right on through until the sun comes up. It happens every morning during the summer, and it’s the best alarm clock in the world. It’s what makes Litchfield County such a great escape from the concrete jungle, and it’s all part of the meaning “Litchfield County Calm”.




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