Rolling Local with Coffee


If you spend a great deal of time on the road, coffeehouses are essential. They are the perfect places to raise your spirits and perk up your energy to keep on rolling through the streets. Everyone loves coffee. After all, it’s the American drink of choice for the morning, unlike our neighbors on the side of the pond who enjoy a spot of tea. There are many places along the way that claim they have the best cup of coffee in town. I challenge anyone that claims that to claim that they have better coffee than Irving Farm Coffee. Irving is local coffee straight out of New York’s bucolic Hudson Valley. The Hudson valley is a preppy wonderland filled with great minds and independent spirits. It’s the place with a great deal of history and a look into America’s past, so it’s certainly no wonder as to why they claim they have the best cup of coffee around. I have heard about enough about this place, so I decided to make the drive from Torrington to the charming village of Millerton, just to the west of Lakeville. I have been to Millerton plenty of times before, but I must admit, I have never made a stop at Irving Farm Coffeehouse.

As I began to step inside. I felt myself walking into my own home. On the front stoop sat a relaxed dog, and another dog was sitting on a bench entertaining some of the local kids. Once inside, I instantly felt a casual atmosphere about. People were sitting around talking with one another over a cup of coffee and some small pastries. The wooden floors gave it a farm effect and once I stepped up to the counter, I felt like I was in good old small town America as a hostess smiled and greeted me a fantastic attitude. There were so many options to choose from on the big boards behind her, but I can’t break the habit of enjoying a french vanilla coffee. I thought I knew what I was in for. As a loyal customer to the Green Mountain line of coffees, as well as Starbucks, no one could tell me there was a better cup about. Boy was I wrong! One sip sold me! A rich, yet flavorful blend of coffee perked me right up for the morning. Not too strong, and not too light, but made just right. How could this be? How could a great cup of coffee exsist without my knowledge? Maybe I had not let my options be free since I was such a loyal scout to my brands.

So, what sets Irving Farm coffee apart from all the rest? Well, they roast their own coffees right in New York’s Hudson Valley smack dat in the foothills of the Berkshire and Catskill mountains. In 1999, they purchased and renovated a farm and converted it into a roasting facility. A novel idea of the crew who founded Irving back in 1996 when they opened their first location in New York City, 71 Irving Place Coffee and Tea Bar. It was then in 2003 that they opened their Millerton location, Irving Farm Coffeehouse, to cater to the small town audience and near the farm where they roast. Today, they continue to be a success story and plans are currently under way to open another roasting facility in the Hudson Valley, a much greener facility that will have less of an impact on our planet.

So, where will you turn for your next cup of coffee?

Irving Farm Coffee House
44 Main Street
Millerton, NY 12546



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  1. Hello.

    I would like to put a link to your site on my blog roll if you want to do the same for mine. It would be a good way to build up both of our readerships.

    thank you.


    1. Bruce,

      Absolutely! I operate from an iPad, however, but if you can, e-mail me your RSS feed and I’ll see if I can get it on the site for you.

      Mike Valletta


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