Believe in the Titans!


After hearing so much about our towns new baseball team, I decided that on Saturday night I would make my first attendance to a Torrington Titans game. The whole day, I was eager to go and root for our home team. Heck, I haven’t been to an actual game of any kind in years! I’m usually crunched for time like the vast majority of folks, but I decided that yesterday was going to be the day that I put my foot down on time and prioritized efficiently so I can make time to support our home team. A little support really goes a long way, and for a mere five dollars, which is less than a pack of cigarettes for all you smokers out there, you too can support our local sports team. It’s every kids dream, at least every boys dream, to be able to sit and watch a game with their father or grandfathers. It’s a true bonding moment if you think about it. Quality time spent together, just enjoying and supporting a local game. The Torrington Titans are the perfect team to support since you don’t really have to travel far to watch games like the Rockcats in New Britain, because after all, we all know traveling requires gas, and that’s something that’s not cheap!

When I arrived to Fussenich Park in Torrington, I was already starting to fear that this game may get rained out. Where sunshine once broke through the clouds, sudden gloom seemed to make
It’s way about as dark clouds started encompassing the town. Great. My first Titans game and I’m going to get rained out, after all, we apparently need the rain around here since its been raining since, well, I forgot when I last saw the sun, but it’s been raining for a while! As I paid for my ticket and entered the stadium, I made a small contribution to the nice ladies of the Sullivan Senior Center who were holding a raffle. I don’t often win these, but it’s great to pay tribute to anything local. When I made my way up to the grandstands, I couldn’t decide where to sit. There was a pretty grand crowd about and I was by myself, along with my snazzy camping chair that would have me instantly relaxed and ready to be entertained by a great game. I decided to park myself under, just above the bleachers, by a couple of veterans. I love talking to people and engaging in a healthy conversation. It was there that I met this nice guy named Joe who could talk your ear off but in a good way. After the Titans scored their first point of the night, we were engaged in an incredible conversation about today’s economy, a hot topic for sure. It’s funny. When you think you have it rough, there are always others that have it rougher, and if it’s anyone in this country who is suffering the worst, it is our veterans who do not receive the respect that they deserve, but they certainly manage to get by and enjoy a good life.

As our conversation raged on, and the Titans were getting better and better, the skies opened and there went the ball game just as I predicted. I hate it when I’m right. It began as a light rain, so I decided to pack up my chair and stand under the tree, which was protecting me from the elements. Then, as if something from up above were trying to tell me something, the flood gates opened up and I instantly became a wet dog! Well, no, not exactly, but I was certainly rocking the essence of one!

So, there you have it. My first Titans game and all I got out of it was a shower and a hot new fragrance of wet dog. Sheesh. Though I did get one thing more out of it, and it was something I didn’t expect to get and that was the understanding of our veterans and the current shape of their livelihoods. It’s hard to put myself in their shoes. I can’t imagine, though I can only plan for the “What if’s” in life, and for today’s veterans, I don’t think they ever would have saw a world such as this coming. A world where many of our veterans go without food, clothing, and shelter. A world where our veterans are sometimes treated as second class citizens. Thank-you, Joe, for painting a new picture for me to see. I will never forget our conversation, and I will never forget my first Titans game. The game where I walked out and the girls ran away from me!



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